25th January


A visit to Drumboe Woods. The all-pervading feeling of springtime and new growth was almost  overwhelming.


Dry and bright.


This is a clear sign of early growth. Elder leaves well past bud break.

A couple of buds: Oak on the left and Horse Chestnut on the right.



This year's Hogweed was just showing. This is the fifteenth consecutive month that Hogweed leaves have been visible.


This lichen (about 8 cm. across) was growing through moss. The underside of the thallus is pale cream. Probably Flavoparmelia caperata.


This tiny (6mm diameter) fungus was growing on well-rotted Sycamore leaves. Although the image suggests that this is the underside of the fungus (showing gills), this is the top side, which is transparent. The tiny specimen towards the bottom left shows that there is a stem, but it's so short that the caps appear to touch the surface.

My books are no help, here, but I'll make a stab at Hemimycena or Marasmius until I can get more information/help.

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