27th January


A visit to the river Deele to see what was going on.

On the way I passed a male Peregrine Falcon on a hedge at the side of the road. As soon as I opened the car window to take a shot it was off, pursued by 10 or so crows that had been waiting for it to fly. A magnificent creature.

Bright with damp intervals.

Two cut-leaved plants. On the left, the first sign of the Pignut. On the right, Cow Parsley leaves.



The green lips to the Snowdrops show well in this picture.

This huge log (about 1 metre in diameter) is covered in a dark bracket fungus - Trametes versicolour. Fragment shown about 1.5m across)


I'm pretty sure this is Smooth Hawksbeard - Crepis capillaris. The leaves are right, but I think the timing is a bit wrong.

Two shots of the 10-spot Ladybird - Adalia decempunctata. I've included the right hand image to show just how small this creature really is. - About 4mm long. This specimen landed on my hand as I was busy taking photographs. Slightly early, I think, but there are plenty of aphids around for food.


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