9th March


A trip to the Hazel wood on the river Deele.


Mixed sun and rain.

The Hazel catkins have expanded now, and the female flowers were still in evidence, although quite a few of them had been fertilised and the fruits were expanding.


The Hawthorn leaves were emerging on one specimen. It's interesting to note that the new leaves are very thin and transparent, whilst the mature leaves are very thick and leathery.


Almost every tree in this area is covered with this moss -  Isothecium myosuroides - the silvery leaves are complemented by the very numerous spore capsules which are about 2 cm. tall, including stalk.


This bracket fungus - Stereum rugosum - was present on most Hazels.

This Hazel has a patchwork of lichens. From the top: Arthonia cinnabarina (red/brown), a Graphis spp. (one of the Script lichens), and Opegrapha atra. The moss is Hypnum cupressiforme.

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