27th March


A trip to Lough Derg, about 60 km south.

I noticed that Willows, Horse Chestnut  and Sycamore are well in advance of ours.

Cloudy with drizzle.

On the verge, the first thing I noticed was a host of these Violets. The pointed leaves, separate petals and purple spur lead me to Viola reichenbachiana - a species I haven't found locally.



Another purple splash attacted me to the Ground Ivy - Glechoma hederacea - flower about 6mm across.

This is Panaeolus fimicola. Cap about 2.5 cm. across.

I feel almost guilty describing these as 'wildlife' - they were hand tame. Anyway - a pair of Mallards - duck on the left and drake on the right.


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