30th March


Original Hedgerow, leg 1.


Dull and cold.


Herb Robert for the 14th consecutive month.


The Yellow Archangel has opened fully, now. A garden escape with little charm.


Young shoots of Hartstongue Fern. Larger leaves about 2 cm. long.

Right in the centre we appear to have a young leaf of Hard Fern.

The veination of the young Hartstongue is very reminiscent of the veination of the Hard Fern. I'll monitor this.

A very interesting shot. The dark green fern and light green fern are both Hard Shield Fern. The darker one appears to be a left-over from last year, but the pale one is clearly new (and looks remarkably like - and also feels like - Soft Shield Fern). A worthwhile lesson in fern identification.

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