20th April


Original Hedgerow, leg 1.


Dull with bright sun later. 


This is Sticky Mouse-ear - Cerastium glomeratum. It has a generally sickly yellow-green appearance. I've rarely seen the flowers open much more than this.


Ivy-leaved Water Crowfoot - Ranunculus hederacea - grows in muddy places. This is a rut in the entrance to a field.

Two shots of  a rust growing on the leaves of  Nipplewort - Lapsana communis.



And another rust - Puccinia urticata - on a nettle leaf. I'm making a point of looking for rusts on as many species as possible this year.

Two more shots of emerging ferns. This time it's Common Polypody - Polypodium vulgare.



And this is Rustyback - Ceterach officinarum.


Lastly a Coal Tit...This Hawthorn was full of them 'peep'ing at each other.

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