21st April


River Deele.


Dry and warm. Sunny later.


I suppose this is really a portrait of the Wild Garlic emerging from the papery case. The young petals are almost transparent.

And here's yet another rust - Puccinia sessilis, this time on the Wild Garlic leaf. Notice how the infection spreads beyond the obvious yellow/orange area.

Two shots of the Hybrid Geum - Geum x intermedium. This is the hybrid between Herb Bennet and Water Avens. Although Herb Bennet is very common around here, I've only occasionally seen the Water Avens: The hybrid is more common.



This little (1 cm.) Ichneumon was very numerous. It was all over the Hogweed and Bluebells.

But I only saw one specimen of this microscopic Ichneumon. Keep in mind that these young buds of the Wild Garlic are only slightly larger than a grain of rice.


The stigma on the wings are very prominent.

I showed an inferior picture of this amazing little (6mm.) fly last week. When it lands, it immediately starts to wave those long front legs around. Not sure if it's signalling.


Humped thorax, feathered antennae on the male, long front legs. It's one of the non-biting midges, or Chironomids, possibly Cricotopus tremulus.

Just look at those wings.


The legs on this Lesser Crane Fly (Tipulidae subfamily Limoniinae) are echoed by the veins of the Butterbur leaf. Fly about 15mm.

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