29th April


River Deele.


Hot and sunny.

Pignut  - Conopodium majus - has just come into flower. I'm certainly going to try to sample one of the tubers this year.


Hawthorn blossom appeared today.

Yes, that's my finger in the lower left - sometimes the specimens need a little 'encouragement' to sit up nicely.


I took some time to identify this ladybird. It's a melanistic (dark) form of the 10-spot Ladybird - Adalia 10-punctata. The black spots have enlarged to a position where they surround areas of red, giving the impression of red spots on a black background. Specimen about 4 mm long.


A few specimens of this hoverfly were feeding on the Dandelions.

Syrphus ribesii, I think.


I really like these tiny (6 mm wingspan) Moth-flies. They run around like little jet aircraft taxying for take-off.


This is a new seedhead of the Wood anemone. Seems like only yesterday that I saw the first buds.

Yet another Bibio. This is a male, looks like Bibio marci, but is twice as big (12mm long)...more research.....

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