30th April


A new bit of Steeple, including a path carved into a south facing slope.

2 x Orange Tip.

Showery intervals in a cloudy day.

Someone or something had squashed this Carabus granulatus. The ants were making the most of the opportunity to get some food.


Myrmica rubra

I've been hunting for rusts on various plants. While I was down looking at the Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage, I spotted this little (1cm.) Sawfly, and a little packet of seeds.


There were 20 or 30 specimens of this Drinker moth caterpillar in a small piece of verge. Each one of them was on dried grass stems, as per usual. (Specimen 5 cm. long)


The first of two new ferns, today.


This one looks like it might be Brittle Bladder fern - Cystopteris fragilis, but I'll need to see spore patterns before I know.

This is where things get difficult. This fern looks like Irish Spleenwort  - Asplenium onopteris - but that grows on limestone. We are acid.



The flowers of the Sweet Vernal grass have opened. Very delicate.

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