2nd May


Local quarry (disused for 20 years).

1 x Speckled Wood, 3 x Green-veined White.

Dull with violent rain showers.

Two shots of an Alder Fly - Sialis lutaria - . The wing veination and colour are very distinctive. Specimen about 15mm long.


I kicked over a stone and found this wonderful ant's nest. There are many layers of eggs, and some are clearly larger than others - probably queen eggs. The close-up shows egg detail. Those three clusters of tiny white eggs appear to be very important - they're being evacuated very quickly.


More stone turning led to these Centipedes and a beetle. Identifications are ongoing.


These are my first pictures this year of the Speckled Wood - Pararge aegeria



This Millipede was also dislodged as I turned more stones.

These Smooth Newts - Triturus vulgaris - were also hiding under stones. They're nocturnal and retire under stones during the day. This part of the quarry is about 15 m above the water-filled base, so they have quite a climb every night. Larger specimen about 10 cm long uncurled



Always a happy sight, this is the shoot of the Common Spotted Orchid. Flowers should be roughly a month away.

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