3rd May


More from the quarry.


Drizzle all day.

Two leaf beetles. Dock Leaf Beetle - Gastrophysa viridula - on the left, and another unknown on the right.



This male Green-veined White (Pieris napi) had just emerged. It took a short, nervous flight shortly after the picture was taken.


A foretaste of things to come. A few buds of the Fuchsia had emerged. Soon the woods and hedges will be bright red - they're very common locally.

There were quite a few Marsh Marigolds in the ditch. All had flies on them. This one has two Platychierus hoverflies and two err, flies.


This Mayfly landed briefly on Kirsty's top. It didn't hang around long enough for me to get a shot of the long tail spikes.

Finally, a female Bibio marci. You can see how much smaller the eyes are.

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