4th May


Round the town centre.

1 x Large White male, 1 x Orange Tip male, 2 x Green-Veined White.

Mixed sun, rain and drizzle.

This male Large White - Pieris brassicae - led me a merry dance as it fed and chased various smaller white butterflies. This is the most difficult specimen of the year so far.



Yet another rust - this time on Cow Parsley. Probably Puccinia chaerophylli.


This is the first glimpse of the Hedge Woundwort, surrounded by the ever popular Ground Elder.


The first shoots of the Hedge Bindweed are appearing, now. It will wind its way through the lower branches of the Hawthorn.

Herb Bennet - Geum urbanum - has now flowered at an appropriate time. I photographed an aberrant specimen about 6 weeks ago.


Another Foxtail....homework ongoing...

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