10th May


Original Hedgerow, leg 1 (again).

12 x Green-veined White male, 1 x Green-veined White female, 2 x Orange Tip male, 1 x Orange Tip female, 6 x Speckled Wood, 2 x Green Hairstreak, 1 x Large White.

Bright most of the day.

Last year I found Green Hairstreaks about 3 miles out of town in their classic Bilberry/Heather/Gorse environment. Today I saw 2 only a few hundred metres from town. Still under Gorse, but on Bramble. Something has had a good bite out of this one.




This is the first female Green-veined White that I've seen this year.


This is the best shot I've managed to take of the 14-Spot Ladybird - Propylea 14-puncata. A tricky little beast about 4mm. long.

This looked like an Ichneumon to the naked eye, but on close-up it says 'sawfly' to me...I can't flip it over to have a look, so I'll just call it a parasitic hymenopteran.

Bright sun opens up the Ivy-leaved Water Crowfoot nicely. Ranunculus hederaceus.


This is the female of the Bibio hortulanus. Compare it with the male of 24th April.


I could take photographs of insects all day. This is a lesser cranefly, about 15mm long.


This is the underside of a male Green-veined White.

And here's the top view, with a female Orange Tip for comparison. I usually rely on the position of the black dot to separate these two when shown from the top.


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