11th May


Drumboe, then high heath later.


Bright most of the day. Dull later.


Here's a habit shot of the Wood Speedwell, showing all of its features nicely.


Elderflower buds are just beginning to swell, now.


Here's an interesting shot of Herb Robert. It's everywhere at the moment.

This is Tormentil - Potentilla erecta. The flowers are much smaller than the Cinquefoil and are usually 4-petalled.


This leaf beetle is common on Hogweed. No firm Id, yet. About 4 mm long.

I hadn't noticed this large Sedge before. It has triangular stems, so that should narrow it down a bit. Flowering head shown about 5 cm. long.


Later on, a visit to our high heath area produced the startlingly blue Heath Milkwort - Polygala serpyllifolia. It comes in a variety of colours, from white through pink to purple.


It seems to me that the higher Cardamines are much paler than their lowland counterparts. Any blue on this one is from the sky. Did you notice the now-obligatory single egg?

Two shots of what I think is Panaeolus fimicola.


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