31st May


Drumboe Wood.


Dry with early sun. Late rain.

Two shots of Honeysuckle - Lonicera periclymenum. The leaf miner is Phytomyza lonicerae.


Whilst I was down examining some flowers, I noticed a solitary bee going into this excavation. It then played hard to get for quite a while - it knew I was there - then its patience ran out and it emerged and flew away on another pollen-gathering trip.



To be said in the accent of Paul Hogan: "Now THAT''s an Ichneumon".

I didn't expect to find Heath Speedwell - Veronica officinalis - in woodland; I usually find it in open grassy areas.



The scented Elder flowers have been waiting for some sun to open.


This is the sheath around the flowerhead of Hogweed. This specimen is right on the edge of the footpath through the woods, so the chances of it being left unmolested are slight.

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