1st June


More from Drumboe Wood.


Heavy rain then late dry period.


These are the larvae of the Dock Leaf Beetle. The damage already caused to the leaf can be seen on the right of the image. As the larvae grow, the holes will penetrate to both sides of the leaf creating a patchwork of holes that eventually kill the leaf. Then they move on to another one and the process repeats itself.


The Bramble buds have just appeared and already there are Aphids feeding from the sap.


Most of the Ash trees now have leaves. That's the full set of trees now in leaf, as far as the patch is concerned.

Another primarily black hoverfly. Maybe a Cheilosia spp.


These are Suillus grevillei - the Larch Bolete. This is very early to see them: Normally they're a late summer/autumn species. Very small at 2 cm. across, and growing directly under Larch.


I spotted this Yorkshire Fog spike just emerging from the leaf.


This is a very small sedge - stems only 15 cm long. Carex virudula - Yellow Sedge.

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