1st July


Coastal grassland, in preparation for a photography course next week.

1 x Ringlet.

Dull and humid but warm.

On the approach road I saw a batch of Polyporus squamosus - Dryads Saddle - on a felled tree trunk. The specimen on the left is little short of a metre wide. I had to cross to the other side of the road in order to get it all into the frame. On the right is a much smaller specimen, around 20 cm. across, and holding water.



This is where the Ringlet gets its name from.

The Sea Campion - Silene uniflora - had clearly been in flower for some time, but there are plenty of buds left for next week.


The second specimen would make a fine model for one of those Art Nouveau glass vases. Maybe it did.


Sea level specimens are still well ahead of our local ones. Our Bramble flowers are just opening.


This attractive little (2 cm.) Sawfly larva was working its way down a blade of grass.

This Common Garden Spider caught my eye. About 15 mm long.


Fruits of the Cuckoo Pint have just started to ripen.

Two pink-flowered plants: Yarrow - Achillea milleflorium - and Hoary Willowherb - Epilobium parviflorum.



Maybe this Wild Carrot will be open next week.

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