30th June


Original Hedgerow.

2 x Speckled Wood.

Overcast with some sun and some rain.


I used to wish I had a car this colour. One of the Blowflies, I think.


I watched this little (1cm.) hump-backed Sawfly for a little while, but it didn't do anything.

The Hawthorn Shield-bug is very quiet and slow, so it makes a good subject for photographs.


A rather scarce frontal photograph of Syrphus ribesii. Most insects tend to turn away from the camera as the approach is made; probably to ensure a fast take-off in a safe direction.

These two shots show a gall on a Nettle leaf, from the top and underside. Research ongoing.


Two Ladybird larvae. The one on the right is the 7-spot Ladybird. The much smaller one on the left is maybe 10-spot or cream-spot. Again, research ongoing.


A rather worn Speckled Wood. I've seen a few very fresh specimens recently, and they might be from the second brood, but this one seems to be from the first. Notice that it is the version with 4 spots on the rear wing, rather than 3.

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