3rd July


A few images gathered last week as I was acting taxi driver for my daughter's football practice.


Rain all day.

Common Ragwort - Senecio jacobaea - has flowered about a week after Marsh Ragwort. Ragwort in general is persecuted because it is toxic to horses and cattle. But wholesale destruction of this plant will wipe out the Cinnabar Moth and other moths that nectar on it. Restraint is called for, I believe.


Creeping Thistle - Cirsium repens - will now dominate all of our local verges and ungrazed fields.


Common Knotgrass - Polygonum aviculare - is now in flower (at least near sea-level). Each flower is around 2 to 3 mm across.


Red-leg - Persicaria maculosa - can form a carpet over recently disturbed ground. The plant has a particularly sickly/sweet smell especially after rain.


A new grass for me - Meadow Foxtail - Alopecurus pratensis.

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