2nd June


Deciduous fringe to coniferous plantation.


Heavy rain then late dry period.

This is Phratora vitellinae - the Bronzy Willow Beetle. About 6 mm long.

The little brown beetle from May 26th turns out to be the Willow Leaf Beetle - Lochmaea caprea - as I found out when researching this one.


I haven't got the slightest clue about this one. At first I thought this was my first Entomophthora victim of the year, but that yellow abdomen on an otherwise ordinary-looking fly has me beat. More research...

Two micro-moths. The first is Rhyacionia pinivorana - the Spotted Shoot Moth. The larva lives in Scots Pine shoots and flowers. The second is Micropterix aureatella. The adult feeds on pollen of flowers and sedges, but the foodplant of the larva is unknown.

Not the greatest pictures, but I don't like being eaten alive by midges while I'm trying to concentrate on a photograph. The second moth is about 5 or 6 mm long.

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