13th June


An opportunistic visit to a piece of wasteland at sea level.

Updated identifications to Tomocerus longicornis on June 3rd and the Argyra Sp. from yesterday.

I've added a new link at the bottom of each page for those who like to view the site in reverse chronological order.

Dull with drizzle and occasional showers. Cold.


I think that this area is about 1 to 2 weeks ahead of my local patch 8 miles away. This Meadow Vetchling - Lathyrus pratensis only went into bud on the hedgerow today.


Ditto the Spear Thistle - Cirsium vulgare - that hasn't opened at all, locally.


This looks to be Epilobium parviflorum - Hoary Willowherb. The plants were stunted, but they are growing on rubble on what was the main road up to 2 years ago. (Remnants of the road can be seen in the background). Stigma 4-lobed.


I haven't seen any Rye-grass opening near us at all.

These are the flowers of the Broad-leaved Dock - Rumex obtusifolius.

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