28th June


Drumboe Wood.


Warm and eventually sunny.

It's amazing how the bizarre can leap out at you when you're walking along a lane. The usual Broad-leaved Willowherb (left) has 4 petals and the stigma is 4-lobed. The flower in the right hand picture has 6 petals and a 6-lobed stigma. Normally I'd think that a hybrid might be worth considering, but these two flowers are from the same plant.



I really like how these yellow daisies take up a domed shape just before they go to seed. This is Common Catsear.


I can't remember seeing too many orchids at Drumboe. This is the Heath Spotted Orchid - Dactylorhiza maculata. I'd actually have expected Common Spotted Orchid at this location.


This little yellow fly made me laugh - perched on some cuckoo spit. It almost looks guilty, somehow.

Marsh Ragwort - Senecio aquaticus - has flowered before Common Ragwort, which is still in bud.


This is a very strange Bramble...large floppy petals and mauve virtually all over. There were a few specimens scattered over a large area. I'll watch these with interest.

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