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Links to interesting political sites

This links page is regularly updated. To suggest a link, or to report a 
faulty link, please e-mail us. 
Main Categories

Women & Politics Resources  
Northern Ireland  
Great Britain  
Europe and European Union  
Other International  


Swift Guide to Irish Sites  
Doras Irish directory from Tinet 
NUJ Dublin Links Page 
UCD Politics Department 
TCD Political Science Department 
European Consortium for Political Research 
Jay's Leftist and 'Progressive' Internet Resources Directory   
Welcome to the Electronic Policy Network  
Institute for Global Communications  
Political Resources on the Net  
Political Junkie 

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Women & Politics Resources

National Women's Council of Ireland 
Northern Ireland Women's Coalition 
European Women's Lobby 
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net  
IGC: WomensNet  
International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)  
Femina: Web Search for Women  
National Organization for Women ( NOW ) Home Page  
Women Leaders Online & Women Organizing for Change  
Centre for the American Woman and Politics 
Women in Sport 
Fawcett Library 
Feminist Archive 
On the Issues Magazine 
Women and Politics Journal 
Electra Pages Directory of Women's Organisations 
Feminist Majority Foundation 
Women & Work (Australia) 
Women Working Worldwide 
Women's Web Links 
Celebrating Women's History  

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Links to Irish Political Parties   
Political Studies Association of Ireland 
Information on the Irish State 
List of Government Departments 
Links to Other Organisations 
Links to Irish Media   
Irish Information Society Initiatives  
The Red Flag: Jim Connell Page  
Irish National Archives 
Proinsias De Rossa website

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Northern Ireland

Links to Northern Ireland Political Parties  
Links to Northern Ireland Media 
Good Friday Agreement  
Mitchell Report, January 1996 
Fair Employment Commission 

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Great Britain

Links to Political Parties  
Fabian Society 
Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources 
Democratic Left 
The British Politics Page 
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - Home Page 
DEMOS ON-LINE introduction page 
Institute for Public Policy Research 
BBC News | UK Politics 
Links to British Media  
Red Pepper 
Society for the Study of Labour History 

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Europe and European Union 

Report of Committee of Experts on Fraud and Nepotism 
Links to European Political Parties  
European Parliament 
European Commission:  This is Europa, the Commission's main site. As it is a very big site we have included some short cuts as follows: 

RAPID:  This is the site for Press Releases 
Directorates General: List of all DGs. 
ESF: The European Social Fund site 
Council of Ministers 
PSE: The Socialist Group (includes Irish Labour Party) 
PPE: The  European People's Party(Christian Democrats, includes Fine Gael): 
ELDR: The European Liberal, Democratic and Reform Party (includes Pat Cox) 
UPE: The Union for Europe (includes Fianna Fail) 
GUE/NGL: The Confederal Group of the European United Left and the Nordic Green Left ( Site under construction, index to MEPs only) 
Greens ( Site under construction, index to MEPs only) 
ARE: The European Radical Alliance 

Europe des Nations
About the EURO 
Definitive Guide to the EURO: from Ulster Bank Group (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) 
Treaty of Rome 
Maastricht Treaty 
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: West European Studies Research Resources  
Eurotimes: good information from the Irish Times 
Guide to Member States: also from the Irish Times 
Dialogue with Citizens & Business 
Something for Eurosceptics 
European Centre for Minority Issues 

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Other International Resources 

IGC: EcoNet 
Amnesty International on-line 
Jubilee 2000 - a debt free start for a billion people - Home Page 
 Links to US Political Parties  
Welcome To The White House 
Links to US Media 
Links to Other US Organisations  
The American Prospect Home Page 
Boston Review | A Political and Literary Forum 
CNN Interactive 
Dissent Magazine 
The MoJo Wire--Interactive ExposÚs and Politics 
The Nation Digital Edition 
The New Internationalist Magazine 
TANN Entrance Teledemocracy Action News 
ARIES - Social Economy on-line 
Political Database of the Americas 
Web White & Blue Campaign Information 
CIA World Factbook 
Links from Newspaper Association of America 
Canadian Elections Info 
International Institute of Social History 
 Counterpunch Magazine 
Rachel Environmental Monitor 
E environmental Magazine 

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