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About Times Change

Times Change is an independent political and cultural magazine.

It commenced publication in 1992, under the aegis of Democratic Left, and established a unique niche in Irish journalism. Times Change followed closely the development of the peace process, from the IRA ceasefire of 1994 to the present. It provided a necessary corrective to the nationalist triumphalism that threatened to distort the process. 

Times Change has made a valuable contribution to the re-evaluation of socialism from both national and international perspectives. The journal has also made significant interventions on questions of culture and identity with particular reference to North-South and British-Irish relations. Articles on new ways of work, sustainable development and ecological issues have also been published. Its book reviews are lively and provocative. 

Times Change became an independent publication in 1999, with a new panel of consulting editors and a new editorial board. It continues to provide a forum for analysis, debate and discussion. We plan to expand the cultural dimension to take greater account of the world we live in, and new writers will play an important role in attracting new readers.

Times Change aims to challenge, engage, stimulate - and be a good read. 

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