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Note: Please respect the privacy of the owners of these houses as they are private dwellings.

Alderton House

The main seat or home of the Glascott family was at Alderton House. It was also called Piltown House. The other Glascott houses were Fruithill and Killowen. The original Alderton House was situated near Alderton Castle. The castle ruins are still to be seen. The Glascotts settled in the townland of Ballyfarnogue or Baile Fearnóg. This translates into the Home of the Alder or as it became known- Aldertown or Alderton.
The house was built around 1820. It is a two storey with a high roof. The main entrance is at the gable end. The porch was erected by the Cairns family who are the present owners. It has two bow (projecting) windows. The bow window over the entrance porch is a 'blind' window. The other one is at the drawing room. There is a stewards house at the back and fine gardens.
The above shows part of the Glascott estate in Ballyfarnogue totalling 264 acres and is taken from Griffith's Valuation 1853.
The Glascotts originated in Aldersgate, London. William Glascott landed in Youghal Co.Cork in 1650 with a troop of horse to fight for Cromwell. By way of payment he received lands in Ballykelly in the Parish of Whitechurch-taken from Arthur Keating,-at Oldcourt and at Ballyfarnogue or Aldertown. The Oldcourt lands were taken from David Sutton.
William was succeeded by his son John Glascott who added the lands of Knockea and Killesk to the estate. Alderton was next taken over by John's son George Glascott who married Anne Gifford the daughter of William Gifford of Piltown in 1729. The Glascotts and the Giffords were to own most of Sutton's Parish in time. Under the marriage agreement,George took over the lands of Piltown,Whitechurch and Ballykelly. Before George died he divided his estate between his sons Francis and John. Francis received Piltown and Whitechurch while John took over Alderton or Ballyfarnogue.
When Francis Glascott died in 1798 his son Rev.William Glascott succeeded him at Piltown. He was the Rector of the Parishes of Killesk and St.James, Dunbrody. When he died in 1829 he was succeeded by his second son William Madden Glascott. This William also inherited Alderton. He was Justice of the Peace and High Sheriff of Wexford in 1834.
The next Glascott was William's son-also William- who was a Captain in the 30th foot regiment.When he died in 1917 he had an estate of 2,821 acres. 
The Glacotts are buried in Whitechurch graveyard and Killesk. 

Glascotts plot in Whitechurch

The last Glascott,Philip Jocelyn Glascott, died without children in 1933. Alderton House was sold to Major Robert George Cazalet. This ended  270 years of the Glascott family connection. Cazalet owned a private plane. Also the remains of the Glascott bacon factory can be seen and a circular silage tower.
Colonel  Neville Cairns bought Alderton from Mrs.Cazalet in 1958 and  was a noted horseman. He hunted with the Wexford Hounds. Patrick Cairns and his wife Monica are the current owners and are in the farming business.


Last of the Glasotts at Alderton

From left: Fanny Isabella (2nd wife of Captain William Glascott), Jocelyn's wife from Dublin, Philip Jocelyn, Captain William Glascott and Arthur Moberry Glascott.

Kate Nolan,nee O'Brien, working at Glascotts of Alderton, early in the last century. She was a sister of Paddy O'Brien the blacksmith at Whitechurch.

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