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Bronze Age Fulacht Fia

Fulacht Fia in Wexford Heritage Park

Two Fulacht Fias were found in Ballyvelig. You can see the burnt stones that were left. They are horse-shoe shaped. They show us how Bronze Age people cooked deer and wild pigs.

   Hunting was a favourite sport in Ireland. After the hunt whatever they had caught they would cook the animal on the Fulacht Fia. First they dug a trough and lined it with wood in side. Then they made a fire with wood or turf and added layers of stones. Next they lit a fire near the trough. Once the wood had burnt they rolled the boiling hot stones into a trough full of water.  They used a log or big club to do this. This heated the water.They got the water from a stream nearby. Then they cut the meat and wrapped it in straw (or sugán) and threw it in the trough.   Once the meat was cooked they threw the stones away.



Sadie’s drawings show-

A-   the stone mound

B-   the water trough

C-   the fire



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