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Poetry and Story 

Corner   2010


It has been snowing for a good while now

And itís very fun I must say

But Iím kind of getting tired of it

Seeing the same thing day after day

I thought it was great for the first few days

Building snowmen and having the odd snowball fight

But Iím starting to get sort of annoyed

Hearing the weather reporters say the same thing each night

Snow, snow and even more snow

Is falling from the sky

Piling up on the ground

And is starting to get very high

But even though Iím tired of the snow

And wish it would melt away

I wouldnít mind if it came again

But only for two or three days


       By Denise Dunphy

A Snow Acrostic By John Chapman. Rang 3

Snow is falling.

Near me.

Out I go.

When my frends go out I go out too.

Mam can I go out.





Snowbound        By Mikaela Whitty Rang 6

On Saturday morning around six am it started snowing . Niamh , Ellen , and I were at Jadeís sleepover . We noticed Saturday morning to our delight that it was snowing , quite heavily too . We jumped up and got dressed then ran outside and had a huge snowball fight . Tia , Ellen , Niamh , Jade and myself verse Ethan , Aaron and Glen . The teams were uneven but we still had a blast . The next day , at my own house , we went sleighing down my driveway with my neighbours , Aishling and Eoin . WE made a big snowman and my sister named it Frosty . That evening we came inside and had hot chocolate with marshmallows . Then we got a text to say we had no school the next day , we were jumping up and down with joy . Saturday was a very sad day all the snow started to melt away . Sunday came and the thaw was well on itís way . Our snowman was melting ,our gutter was broken in three different placeís . Now Monday morning we dread coming our way , no more sledging , no more ice - skating and snowball fights and itís back to normally routine for us ď Get up , get dressed , we have to go íí . The last of the snow is melting away . And as I sit here writing this my parentís are out shovelling the driveway so they can get to work . And thatís what happened when I was Snowbound at home




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