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Stone Row at Whitechurch

Stone Row

Another great pre-historic find was made at Whitechurch. A fine example of three standing stones can be seen  here. This is known as a stone row.The stones are found on the property of Sťamus Kane and are granite stones Their heights are 1m25cm, 1m40cm and the tallest is 1m70cm.These stones are from the Bronze Age. Sometimes the stone is alone and is called a Standing Stone. They can also be in a circle called a Stone Circle. It's possible that these three in Whitechurch could have been part of a Stone Circle.
These stone rows and circles were sacred places and were places where some religious ceremony was performed or to mark the location of a burial place. Whitechurch,or an Teampall Geal got its name from the time the White Monks lived here as they wore white robes. There was a celtic monastery here,which was dedicated to St.Abban in the 7th century.

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