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General English/Creative Writing Maths Links





Ten Ideas for Using Harry Potter

1. Divide the class into four teams: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. These names should be put on paper and drawn by the teams at the beginning of the book.  Teams will work together and earn or lose points for their group based on good behavior and responsibility.  Give the winning team a prize/reward.

2. Make a scrapbook for Harry P otter's first year at Hogwarts.

3. Teach the class to play chess. You could tape off a chess board, and play a life size chess tournament with the teams.

4. Make a brochure on paper, or in Microsoft Publisher, for a new student going to Hogwarts.

5. Design a new quidditch broom. Plan an ad. campaign for your broom.

6. Write a song to cheer on your team. Perform for the class.

7. Research owls.

8. Write a letter to the Dursleys congratulating them on Harry's invitation to Hogwarts.

9. Write a newspaper article that might have appeared in a Muggle newspaper OR the in "The Daily Prophet"  the day after Harry's family died.

10. Create a clothes catalogue of the latest Witch and Wizard wear.


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English/Creative Writing Ideas

Possible Essay Titles

1. If you had a choice to live forever, would you? Make a chart and list the good things, bad things, and interesting things if you were to live forever.

2. Evaluate the book.

3. If I had an invisibility suit,...

4. There will be 3 new professors at Hogwarts next semester, name them and the subject they will teach.

5. What's going to happen in the next book?  Write your own Harry Potter adventure.


English Excercises

Grammar excercises which are usually very boring can be made slightly more interesting by using the characters and events in Harry Potter.  Two sample worksheets follow, to see more worksheets visit some of the links listed at the end of this page.

Writing lists using commas

Worksheet One:

Re-write these sentences using commas in the correct places.

1. Galleons and Sickles and Knuts are types of coins.

2. There are four houses at Hogwarts. They are called Gryffindor and Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

3. In the Leaky Cauldron Harry Potter met Doris Crockford and Dedalus Diggle and Professor Quirrell and the barman.

4. Harry’s Hogwarts uniform was a plain black work robe and a black pointed hat and a pair of protective gloves and a black winter cloak.

5. In the shop Mr Ollivander had wands made out of holly and oak and willow and mahogany and beechwood and maple and ebony.


Worksheet Two:

Replace the dots and complete these sentences by adding the required number of items. Use your imagination and use commas where appropriate.

1. Hagrid was a huge giant of a man. In his deep pockets hehad… [4 items]

2. In the magic shop Harry bought…. [5 items]

3. Dudley Durlsey’s birthday presents were…[4 items]

4. Harry Potter had a few ideas of names for his owl. He was going to chose either…[6 items]

5. Dudley was always doing nasty things to Harry. He… [3 items]



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Using Harry to Teach Maths


Probability Problem Solving Addition/Subtraction



Harry has a bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. In the bag there are 12 beans. Three of the beans are vomit flavour, three are strawberry flavour, two are chocolate flavour, one is bogie flavour and three are banana flavour.

1.What is the probability that Harry will pick out?

a) A strawberry bean?

b) A vomit flavour bean?

c) A chocolate flavour bean?

d) A bogie flavour bean?

e) A vomit or a bogie flavour bean?


2. Ron likes strawberry, chocolate and banana flavour beans, he’s not so keen on vomit and bogie flavour beans!

" I probably won't get a vomit or bogie flavour bean," said Ron.  Is he correct?  Why do you think he is/isn't correct?


4.  Draco Malfoy adds three earwax flavour beans. What is the chance now that Harry will pull out a digusting flavour?


5.  Now that there are 15 beans in the bag, show how likely each of the following statements are:

(Decide whether  - impossible, unlikely, even chance, likely or certain - best expresses the likelihood of each one.)


a) Harry will pick out a bogie flavoured bean

b) Harry will pick out a belly button fluff flavoured bean

c) Ron will pick out a fruit flavoured bean

d) Ron eats one strawberry bean. How likely is it now that Harry will pull out a fruit flavoured bean?

e) Harry eats all the strawberry, chocolate and banana flavoured beans and offers the bag to Draco Malfoy. How likely is it that Malfoy will pick out a disgustingflavoured bean?



The house elves at Hogwarts have to prepare the dinners and have to be good at working out what they need.

1.Bread and butter pudding has 7 slices of bread per pudding. Each table will eat 4 puddings and there are five tables. How many slices of bread do they use?

2. Each sliced loaf of bread has 24 slices. How many loaves do the house elves need?

3. Each loaf costs 2 silver sickles. How much will it cost to buy all the loaves that the house elves need to make bread and butter pu dding?

4. The house elves allow 250g of turkey for each pupil. Each year at Hogwarts has 8 children in each house and there are 4 houses.   There are seven year groups. How many grams or kilograms of turkey do they need for the Christmas feast?

5.When they cook pasta the house elves allow 100g of pasta per person. In the last question you found out how many students there are at Hogwarts- how much pasta will they need for all the students?

6. How about if all the teachers want pasta too? There are 21 members of staff and each of them eat 120g of pasta. (allowing for the fact that Hagrid is a member of staff and eats a lot!) How much pasta do the house elves need for the staff?

7. How much pasta do they need for staff and students?

8. If they can buy pasta for 2 kg for 1 galleon. How much will it cost to buy enough pasta for the staff and students at Hogwarts?



Harry is in Snape’s potion class. They are making a simple boils potion. Here is the recipe

Boils potion

15 newts legs

22 Stickleback eyes

7 cats hairs

500 millilitres of water

28 beetles eyes

1. How much of each ingredient would Harry need if he were making enough for ten of the Dursley family?

2. How much of each ingredient would he need to treat 100 Death eaters?

3. How much would he need to treat 1,000 muggles?

4. The same recipe will work on animals but you need to divide by 10 to get the correct quantities. How much of each ingredient would Harry need to treat Draco Malfoy’s dog?

5.  Make up your own potion and come up with some maths questions you could ask your friends about that potion.


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Useful Links for Teaching Harry Potter

Useful links include:







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