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Sligo Leitrim Home Youth Liaison Service

The HYLS is a Sligo-Leitrim based non-profit organisation established in Sligo in 1989 in response to local needs. The service developed from the recognition that increasing numbers of young people were dropping out of school and not availing of training opportunities.

At present there are eleven employees of the HYLS. These include a Manager of the service, four HYLS Officers, four Youth Support Workers, one Traveller Community Worker and one Administrator.

As the HYLS works with young people it takes a lot of ethos and decision making with the Child Care Act in hand. The service uses these to help and protect young people in whatever level that may be i.e. Child Protection, Child Education etc. The Service also takes the National Children's Strategy into account when running the service.

Our Mission

To provide a sympathetic, confidential, non-judgemental and personal support to young people and their families with the objective of enhancing the young person's future personal and social development and well being.

To provide a link between family, school and professional services (both in the government sector and the voluntary sector).

The guiding principle that underpins all of our work is to place the young person at the centre of the decision making process with the aim of allowing them to take responsibility for their own choices and actions.

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