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3D Entertainments Academy and Agency is a unique studio for entertainers and actors, which caters for young people, post graduates and mature students.

Theatre, Film and Television demands all-round training, at 3D we fulfil these demands by providing tailor-made classes to give your performance that professional edge.

3D - A New Dimension in Theatre Performance!

3D is looking to the future and is set to take your performance into a new dimension! We offer an extensive range of professional structured courses, each designed to enhance students' talents whether you're a post graduate, mature student or aged 4 - 16 years.

3D has acquired modern studio space in the heart of Cork City and assembled a talented team of tutors who are experienced professionals in their field of theatre and film practice.


Musical Theatre


This is a professional, structured course using the most up-to-date training techniques. We offer a flexible new approach to equip each student with all round professional performance skills. We are currently accepting applications for September 2000 in the following courses….

1. Year Full-Time Musical Theatre Course (Ideal for Transition Students)

Each student receives expert coaching for 6 hours a day, 4 days a week, covering all styles of dance, singing and acting; incorporating communications, audition preparation, vocal and physical exercises, sight reading, video C.V.'s etc.

2. Two Year, Full-Time Musical Theatre Course (Diploma Level)

The curriculum for this option is as above and includes visiting lecturers and allows students to attain performing and teaching diplomas with the London College of Music (including drama).

3. Part-Time Musical Theatre Course

Includes 3 hours coaching per night, 3 nights per week. This option accommodates students who work by day and so wish to study by night.

The above courses are suitable for students of 15 years and older, and are a must for those who wish to develop their talents with a view to a career in professional entertainment. (Please note that places are limited on all course options).

4. Saturday Musical & Theatre Course (Younger Students, 4 - 16 years)

3D has identified the need for a professionally structured course for younger students and so has devised an exciting Musical Theatre course every Saturday. Students receive 3 hours of expert coaching covering all styles of Dance, Singing and Acting for Musical Theatre.

Our Saturday Musical Theatre Course is ideal for young people as - whilst they are receiving professional training in Singing, Acting and Dance - teachers realise the importance of providing students with valuable communication skills. This course helps develop students' literacy levels - and benefits include: self-expression, development of imagination, fluency of speech and self-knowledge. Their training helps develop orderly thinking, the ability to organise, physical co-ordination and fitness is provided, as is concentration, memory and visual skills, etc…. So for 3 hours per week, the skills learnt, will be for life.

At 3D, Age, Ability & Experience are taken into account and classes are structured accordingly. (All places are limited).



Film & TV Course


A highly intensive evening course providing a greater understanding of film-making, with emphasis on film-acting, plus an opportunity to produce a film as part of your training.

Each participant will be provided with a video tape which will be updated regularly to assess performance. This unique method of evaluation, allied to assessment notes, allows the participant to self assess their work.

Areas to be covered:

  • Acting for Film & T.V.
  • Scriptwriting Lighting for Stage and Film
  • Sound
  • Camera Work
  • Production Planning
  • Crew Formation, Field Work
  • Performance Taping
  • Video for every participant on completion of course


The Actors Studio


"you may play well or you may play badly, the important thing is that you play truly" - Stanislavsky

An intensive course designed to give the aspiring actor an opportunity to explore the demands of Method (Truth) Acting. This is a 12 week evening course of 2 hours per week (places limited). Studies include….

  • Stanislavsky
  • Chekhov
  • Acting Techniques
  • Analysis & Expression of Text
  • Design & Theatre Studies
  • Audition Work
  • Voice Work, Sight Reading, etc.
  • An assessment video for each student on completion of course.

This course is for those with a serious interest in acting as a craft.



An intensive practical week-long workshop covering all aspects of audition preparation. At the end of the week participants will have an audition with a professional director and take away with them a video of themselves performing two contrasting pieces, a song and a spoken CV which can be used for casting agencies, theatres, and drama schools. During the week participants will cover…..

  • audition strategy (which pieces to choose to maximise personal potential)
  • improvisation
  • interview technique
  • vocal and physical exercises
  • sight reading
  • Shakespeare and verse drama
  • modern drama
  • accents
  • song preparation

Advice will also be given on how to structure a C.V. and where to look for acting work.



This 12 week Evening Course (2 hours per week) aims to give the student an understanding and guideline as to what's expected from the professionals in this area. A self-assessment video will be given to each student on completion of this course. This intensive course covers such topics as….

  • Interview Techniques
  • News Reading
  • The Disc Jockey
  • Presenting Magazine Programmes
  • Running Commentary
  • Vox Pop Interviews
  • Microphone Techniques
  • What to expect from Interviewees

Plus, and most importantly….

  • Your Voice:
  • Diction, Articulation, Increasing Vocabulary, Phrasing, Fluency, etc. Breathing Faults, Speech Faults, Nasal Tone, etc. Plus Do's and Don'ts Tips.

6 Week Evening Course - 2 hours per week.



3D also will provide you with details of work opportunities in the entertainment sector both at home and abroad. Our back up service will provide you with Video Audition C.V.'s, Audition Preparation and Techniques, background information and details. We will negotiate and arrange with auditioning bodies on your behalf.

Other services include….

Examination preparation and training (all grades up to Licentiate level in Speech & Drama, Acting, Poetry & Prose, etc.)

Dance all Grades to I.S.T.D.

Screenwriting & Scriptwriting Workshops.

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