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    The following is a more extensive list of SHARE complexes, and details about them.

Clochan Barra - Coach Street:

This was the first SHARE complex, and was opened in May 1976 by City Manager Joseph McHugh. It housed 12 residents in houses. The Clochan Barra site is now the location of the new day care centre.

Glendalough - Grenville Place:

Opened in December 1976 by Lord Mayor Sean French. It housed 13 people in 3 room houses.

Ard Mhaca - Sheare’s Street:

Opened in December 1977 by Lord Mayor Gus Healy. It houses 11 people.

Skellig-Rope Walk - Sundays Well:

Opened in February 1978 by Lord Mayor Gerald Goldberg. It houses 7 people in 1 storey houses.

Cnoc Mhuire - Fair Street, and Shandon Street:

Opened in two Stages in December 1978 and May 1979, by an Taoiseach Jack Lynch, T.D. It contained a total of 32 houses.

Teach Cill Chre - Dyke Parade:

Opened in November 1980, by Lord Mayor Pierce Wyse. It houses 18 people. This location is also the administrative headquarters of SHARE.

Gougane Barra - Abbey Street:

Opened in December 1980, by Irish president Dr Patrick Hillery and Lord Mayor Toddy O’Sullivan. It houses 15 people, and was opened on the 10th anniversary of the founding of SHARE.

Ardfert - Great William O’Brien Street:

Opened in December 1983, by Lord Mayor Hugh Coveney. It houses 21 people in houses.

Dun Ris - Grattan Street:

Opened in December 1988, by president Dr Patrick Hillery.It houses 32 people in apartments.

Mount St. Joseph - Blarney Street:

Opened November 1993, by president Mary Robinson. It houses 42 people in apartments. The building was donated to SHARE by the Presentation Brothers who previously resided in the building. This building contained SHARE’s 100th house. Includes facilities such as a community kitchen, dining hall and a creative arts unit.

Br. Jerome Kelly Day Care Centre - Coach Street:

Opened December 2002, by Lord Mayor John Kelleher and Minister for Health Micheal Martin. When fully operational it will house 14 people.

The Day Care Center was built on the site of the first SHARE complex, Clochan Barra. It contains facilities such as a library, hairdressers, an on-site nurses office, kitchen and dining hall, and a multi-purpose hall. This was the last project that Brother Jerome undertook before his death in 1999. The centre now bears his name.

S.H.A.R.E. Head Office,
Br. Jerome Kelly Day Care Center,
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