Churchtown Graveyard, Cooraclare


In loving memory of Matt Mescall, Cooraclare

His wife Margaret Lillis

Their son Patick died 12th Sept 1966

His wife Margaret Reidy died 18th June 1984

Their daughter Teresa who died 15 years of age.

* * * * *

Erected by Michael Mescall in memory of

his daughter Susan Doyle alias Mescall who died Feb 13th 1857 aged 28 yrs.

May her soul R.I.P. Amen


Here lies the remains of Sinon Mescall

who depd this life on Oct 24th 1848 aged 49 yrs,

erectd by his wife Sally Mescall, alias Brown

and his brother Jno Mescall

for him and posterity.

* * * * *

Sinon was a brother of John Mescall, my great-grandfather.

Photo of gravestone to come!

In loving memory of Josephine Boland Dromelihy, died 18th April 1947 aged 28 years

Her mother Agatha (Ciss) Boland died 22 Sept 1987 aged 87 years

Her father Simon died 20th April 199 aged 87 years

Her aunt Bridget (Dolly) Callinan died 6th July 1990 aged 81 years.

* * * * *

In living memory of Katie Mescal, Dromellihy, who died 12th Feb1917 aged 59

Of her husband Michael who died 28th June 1917 aged 96

and of Bridget who died 10 June 1900 aged 70.

Erected by their fond children.

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