Doonbeg Graveyard

Erected by Nancy GORMAN Alias O'Neal in mem of her

beloved ... Sinon O'Neal who died Sept (?) 16th 1835

aged 76 years


* * * * *

Sarah Lynch died 1 July 1988

Her husband John died 13th Sept 1988 aged 7.. years

James Lynch, Shragh, who died 29/6/1951 aged 71 years

Wife Mary October aged 68 years

erected by their son John

Catherine Gorman 19 Jan 1974

Mairead Gorman 9/10/1978

Delia Mescall,Tullaher, ded 28th March 1946

Her husband James died 20th Feb 1949 A 60

Vol. John O'Gorman, Clounagarnane, aged, who died of wounds received in action on 11t August 1922.

Thomas O'Gorman, Brisla, Cooraclare, died June 1... aged...

His wife Mary died 2.. Jan 19.. age..

Their grandson John O'Gorman died Jan 1986 aged 31

His father Tommy died 5 Apri 19.. aged 74 years

Mary Murphy, Alias Chambers who died Nov 11th 1857 aged 60 years

Erected by her husband Pat Murphy and sons Pat and Jas Murphy

Timothy Mescall Aug 1st 1798 A50

His beloved wife Julian Mescall Alias Gruffy who died Nov 14th 1831 A76

Erected by their chidren

Erected by Michael Mescall Ellen in memory of his daughter

Brid Russel alias Mescall who died June 19th 1854 aged 24 years

Maths Mescal in memory of his wife and son. May they R.I.P. Amen

The Murphy family, Brisla, Cooraclare in ....

Michael Murphy died 22 January 1962

James Murphy died ... August ...

Mary Murphy (nee Mescall) died October 19..

Joseph Murphy ..... died ... December ...

Joe O'Gorman, Tullabrack, Cooraclare, died July 16 1989 aged 42 years

Nellie Mescall, Danganelly West who died 31st Aug 1973

Her husband Tom died 15th Dec 1998 Aged 92

Lena Mescal Oct 22 1922

Patrick Mescall Dec 24th 1931

Parents Catherine Aug 21st 1934

Patrick Mar 18th 1950

Katie Mescall, Dromellihy, died 12th Feb 1977 aged 59

Her husband Michael who died 22nd June 1917 aged 63

and of Bridget died 1st June 1900 A 70

Sinon Mescall, Dromellihy 1st Aug 1970

Catherine 20 April 1972


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