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Name Mark Keller


Country Wyoming, USA


Hello to all my friends in Europe! Just wanted to let everyone know that Dan Selleroli and myself will be in Dublin from October 24th thru Nov. 1st. Hope to see everyone while we are there and hope to make some new friends as well. We will have a good time I am sure!

Mark Keller, Regional Rep. Wyoming AKKI

P.S. Gerry Hickey, if you are out there send me an e- mail


Name David Phillips


Country Ireland


My name is Matthew Stephens. I am a member of Celtic Kenpo Academy have been studding martial arts now for about 9 months, under my instructor David Phillips. I have found over the last few months my life has changed in ways I never could have imagined before. I have more confidence and self-belief in myself than I have ever had before. I'm more focused and motivated in achieving my objectives. I have found new friends in fellow students and other clubs I have trained in and met in Companions. I have tried my best in training and my Instructor has help me overcome forms and techniques which I thought was physically impossible but now I have no problem at all. The best moment in my Martial Arts career was when I went to Jersey to fight in the European Championships. It was an experience I will never forget, the crack was great. When I entered the arena my heart went up into my troath.I really didn't know what I was letting myself in for, I entered in forms and sparing. This was my first competing and I knew I was over my head, but my Instructor just told me not to be nervous and just go out and do what I had to do. I did my form and it was a frightening experience I made a few mistakes but I know I will do better next time. My next event was sparing I was very nervous because I had seen some of the people I was going to fight, and some were twice my size. I was told not to worry about there size just do my best and don't fight the belt just fight the person. I ended up coming 3rd and when I was presented with my trophy I knew all the training had paid off. My instructor and team mates hugged me and congratulated me it was an overwhelming experience, one I will never forget.

Matthew Stevens

Name gerry senior


Country Ireland



Sunday 25th of June 00 was the day, the national basketball arena the place; the fourth Irish cup the venue. People from all over Europe and America were involved. The A.K.K.I was represented by Liberties Kenpo Karate Academy and C.K.K.A. This is a report on how the students of L.K.K.A did; David Phillips is going to give a report on the C.K.K.A. Seventeen students from the L.K.K.A were involved they are as follows. Blue belts: John Quilty and Aaron Senior; Purple belts: Danielle Graham, Ann Dunne, Carly Wosser, Mark Lawlor, Colm Kelly, Mark Guider and Derek Digham. Orange belts Francis Mc Garry, Wayne Fitzgerald, Joe Keogh. Yellow belts: Brian Digham, Ciaran Burke and Shauna Senior. White belts Losha Simakov and Shauna Maxwell.First up were the musical forms there was five division this is getting poplar. It was nice to see and hear so many different interpretations of the same form. Our first medal of the day went to Shauna Senior this nine year old went out and did form one she finished in second place. Then it was Losha Simakovs turn to show how good he is, a never give up attitude got him second in forms and third in fighting. Next on the floor were the juniors with John Quilty getting second in forms and Ciaran Burke finishing third in fighting. It all happening so fast next up were the seniors Ann Dunne came away with first in forms with form two and third in fighting. Cerly Wosser got second in forms with form two and Danielle Graham finished in second place in fighting. In the men's Division Mark Lawlor got first in forms with form two and third in fighting with Colm Kelly finished second in forms. Well done one and all you were great.

Report by G Senior.

Name Gerry Senior


Country Ireland


Gerry Senior here just to let all of you know that Professor Gino Fusciardi is going in to hospital this Monday the 5th of June 00. On Tuesday morning he is going under the knife for a hip replacement. I would like to let him know that all our thoughts and prayers are with him. We will be thinking of him and his family at this time. I will let all of you know how he is getting on.


Gerry Senior.

Name Ann Dunne


Country Ireland


My name is Ann Dunne and I am a member of the American Kenpo Karate International. I competed in the European open the I.K.K.A championships on the 6th of May 00 in Jersey. We arrived early with hundreds of Kenpo practitioners from all over the world. We were directed to the Queens hall, it was so exciting everyone seemed to have an electric current running through him or her. People were friendly, smiling and ready for the Day. The time and effort that it takes to train for this event was very much in evidence. My thought on the Day was that I wanted to do the best I could for association and me my club instructor. Before the competition began we were treated to a wonderful display of each countries flag, then a Chinese loin dances came on one black and one white. The applause was loud and deserving for a great entertaining entrance. After this the competition started the forms (kaka) were first. I had entered this event the competition was strong and I was so nervous. There were over forty students in my category every student who went out were great and the standard was very high. I was second last to go out on the mat. When my turn came I bowed and entered the ring bowed again saluted and started my form. I felt good doing my form and when I finished I was very pleased with my score. We had a break before my next event, which was the music forms. I was second last again to go out and again the standard was very high. I had chosen a beautiful piece of music to express myself though my form. When I entered the mat I bowed and saluted took a deep breath listened to my music relaxed and started my form. I was hardly aware of anyone around me. I felt I was sailing though my form. When I finished again I was very pleased with my score. I had only entered these two events but remained to cheer on my teammates and friends that I had made over there. I learned so much and look forward to my continuing study in Kenpo karate. The competition was very well run. All the best to all Kenpo practitioners were ever you are.

By Ann Dunne.

Name=Julio Sabates



Comments=Hi Bernie, Kojak and Big Man: Bernie,

please E-mail or call me (702) 435-6620 regrading our conversation on potential seminars in your area. I have been in contact with Marc Sigle and I need to talk to you.

Thank Julio

Name=Willie Kelly. A.P

Country=holland Subject=Vegas

Comments=Hi to may Kenpo buddies

Look forward to seeing you all in Vegas.Mr.Senior told me that some of you graded well congratulations.Ihope you all went to bed with your new belt on. ha ha. I will have Mark / Micheal going for 1st Degree Black in Vegas so I hope that I can bank on your support with a big Irish Song for the lads and a few beers "after" if they pass their test, I'm sure the drinks will be on them.

So till we meet in Vegas keep the flag flying A.K.K.I style

Your Friend.


P.S Tell Colm I'm looking forward to seeing him in regards to an e-mail tell him not to worry to much as Mr Mills would say, I'm not going to hurt ye I'm just going to touch ye. ha ha ha ha. Good Luck Colm. Submit=Submit

Name=Colm Kelly



Comments=Mr Kelly just writing to you to wish yourself, family, and club a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful new year.Hope to see you all in March.

your buddy in Kenpo

Colm Kelly.

Name=Keith Gorham



Comments=Hey all my European friends. Just stopped in to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Gino, the site is looking great and you guys are doing us proud over in your part of the world. It's good to know that the AKKI has made our world a little smaller, bringing great people like you closer to all of us. You guys have a great holiday and I will be seeing you real soon.

Your Friend,


Name=william kelly



Comments= Hello all akki members and none members I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year

Willie Kelly.

Name=Randy Walkup


Subject=saying Hello

Comments=Hey there everyone. Just wanted to say hello to all in Europe. I am a Student of Mr. Greg & Scott Hilderbrand. They are brothers, for those that don't know :) I am from Las Vegas, NV. and this is the first time I have been to your site. Looks great. I have been studying the art of Kenpo for about 13 years now, and really love it. For those of you that have not met Mr. Mills, man he is fantastic. The way he passes on his knowledge, the way he moves (has to be seen to be believed) and probably the nicest person you could meet. It will be great when he get's over here, you won't be disappointed. Well, I guess thats about it. Hey keep training, and have fun. If anyone wants to e-mail myself please feel free to do so. It's been nice chatting with all of you. Your friend in Kenpo

Randy Walkup, 2nd Black

Name=willie kelly

Country=Holland / Amsterdam.


Comments= To the People of Kenpo in Europe There will be a Seminar in Holland. Amsterdam,on the 13th Nov.1999 at Kelly's Kenpo Karate Academy. A.K.K.I Headquarters in Amsterdam. The Seminar will be given by Professor Mr.G.Fusciari,6th Degree Black Black.and Assoc,Professor MR.W.Kelly,5th Degree Black Belt.

So for those with an open mind and would like to see what we are doing within Europe give Mr Kelly a ring at 020-6139422.-06-26310510.

For those who would like to take part, Contact the above numbers.


Name=Bruce Smith



Comments=Greetings everyone from the U.S. In case some of you didn't know. Mr. Mills underwent surgery the other day. He is doing fine. In fact 3 hrs after he was in recovery, he was already asking about manuals, techniques, etc. Wouldn't you know it, you can't keep him down. But right now he has to stay inactive, to let everything heal. A much needed rest for him, I'm sure. I wanted to say hi to Mr. Fusciardi and all of the AKKI members in Europe. You are all doing a wonderful job over there, in perpetuating the word of AKKI Kenpo. The AKKI is alive and well and growing by leaps and bounds. The new techniques, new club material, new knife material, new centerline set, everything is proving that the AKKI is leading the way for kenpo into the new millennium. It is truly the art of the future.

I also wanted to update everyone on the event being held in Sydney, Australia next year. I am also the President of the World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes and we are the organizers for the 2000 World Martial Arts Millennium Games being held April 1st & 2nd, 2000 in Sydney, Australia. It is a large Open world class tournament with 339 divisions. it is open to all styles, all systems, all ages, all belt ranks, both male and female. Divisions include: Point Sparring, Continous Sparring, Olympic Style TKD Sparring, Forms (Jap/Okin., Korean, Chinese, Kenpo, Open/Musical,) Weapons (Bladed, Wooden, Open/Musical), Self Defense, Handicapable Divisions, Jujitsu (FreeStyle- punches, kicks, grappling, and Grappling - no punches or kicks, just straight grappling), Team Weapons Forms, Team Synchronized Forms, Team Demonstration Forms, 3 Person Junior World Team Sparring Challeng, and the 5 Person Black Belt World Team Sparring Challenge, 16 Grand Championships, and much much more.

So far 15 - 20 countries have responded, we would like to invite everyone from the European community to come join us downunder for this exciting event. Everyone is welcome. If you would like more information, please contact me as soon as possible. We are also trying to get Mr. Mills to come and do some seminars, but we will have to see how he feels.

Once again, keep up the great work over there and we hope to see you guys over here in February, 2000.

Yours in Kenpo Bruce C. Smith,

AKKI Mid Atlantic Regional Rep.

Name=willie kelly


Subject=My Pal Gino

Comments=Dear MR Fusciardi. I would like to say what a great job your doing for Mr.Mills in Ireland and been their for me when i needed you most. For does people who read this Mr. Fusciardi and i go back 28 years in kenpo and what were doing now is really what the both of us were looking for in Mr Mills. Kenpo system he is the man that Mr Parker called his "Secret WEAPON!" and believe you me he was right. Ive been around along time and seen alot of good Kenpo people but i have never seen anybody like Mr.Mills and we know what were talking about. I hope some day Mr Mills. will come to Ireland so you other kenpo people can see with your own eyes."Quality" KENPO YOU WILL NEVER FORGET! And dont forget Prof.Fusciardi dont lose out LEARING from him he has a lot to teach you people about Mr Mills Kenpo so you BOYS and GIRLS GET IN TOUCH with a nice man wy PAL Gino.



Name=Mick Swan



Comments=hello Willie, Remember me? Nice site you and Gino must have had some fun ! keep up the good work take care your friend in kenpo

Mick Swan

Name=Tom Spaapen


Subject=Picking up Kenpo again

Comments=Dear mr. Kelly,

I'm Tommy (33 year old male) and I've practiced kenpo for two years with Hans Hesselman at the dojo in Utrecht, back in 93/94. I moved a number of times, making it impossible to continue there. I'm based in Amsterdam now and I recently heard of your dojo in A'dam. I would like to start training again in A'dam. I've gotten to purple, but I undertanmd that the AKKI has changed the order of systems per beltcolor. Since I haven't actively kept up training I belive starting over will be most likely. Is this the case? and When could I join the new class in A'dam.






Comments=I am a black belt in kenpo karate. My master is chi chow wong. I have studied this art for a long time now. This is a very well organized website. Keep up the hard work.

Name=Alan Jacob

Country=USA Utah


Comments=Hey all, Are you guys coming over to Vegas this month? I had heard that you might be saving up for the March convention. If that is so you will be missed this time. Hope all is well for you guys and that Mr Fuscardia is taking good care of you.


11/09/99 -19:20

Name=Ian Long


Comments=It's nice to know that AKKI Kenpo is flourishing in Ireland, please keep up the excellent work.

Wed, 7 Jul 1999 05:29

Name=neil thacker



Comments=hi to all of you in holland well i think your in holland, im a kempoest in england under mervin ormond jeff speakman, it nice to see so many web pages out there take care train hard.

Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:56


Name=Kris Koenig



Comments=Great site!!! Check mine out if you have time.

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 00:51

Name=John Georgescu



I live in Sweden. And I have the yellow belt. And my teacher i īs Renč Aviles.





Date Mon, 7 Jun 1999 09:10:24

Name=Alex Molina


Comments= Just wanted to say hello to all our Kenpo brothers in Europe. I still haven't gotten any feedback concerning my message posted in the forum, but am still waiting to hear what my kenpo brothers in Europe have to say about that. your kenpo brother, Alex

Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 02:01:18




Comments=Hope to see you all at the next seminar.

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 18:18:10

Name=Mark Keller

Country=USA Wyoming


Your View= Just wanted to say a big hello to all of my friends in Europe, especially Ireland! I really enjoyed seeing you all again. Mr. Fusciardi and Mr. Senior, I would like to congratulate you on the job you are doing with your students. They are excellent examples of Kenpo practitioners showing respect and enthusiasm and I really enjoyed working with them. There is so much material to work on it is hard to know where to start,but keep working! Gerry I will be sending you the notes.

P.S. Dan says hello too!

Mark Keller/Board of Directors/Regional Rep./AKKI

Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 00:53:25 GMT

Name=Monty Fielding

Country=USA (kenpo utah)

Subject=Las Vegas

Your View=Hello to all akki members. I train under Mr. Alan Jacob in Cedar City, Utah. I will be testing for my blue belt in Vegas. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there. Just wanted to let you know that Cedar City will be there in force and we WILL BE HITTING! That's the akki way, right?!

See you there. KENPO BRO, Monty Fielding(soon to be akki blue belt)

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 23:49:38 GMT

Name=Alex Molina

Country=United States( Las Vegas)


Comment=Dear AKKI members, how are all of you? It was truly a pleasure to see how many of AKKI European Reps. were at hand at the international test. I, personally tested for my 3rd Brown, and congratulate all of those achieved higher ranking in the test. I am a student of John Herman, here in Las Vegas, and was probably spotted by a few of the participants and board members alike.(I was a short hispanic green belt, with a white gi, with no patches.) Anyhow, I would like to spread a little information. I, alongside Spanish rep, Mr.Lara, and Roger Taylor, will soon build the Spanish translations of the AKKI web page. I have almost all of the techniques, and all of the theories we have here in American Kenpo translated to Spanish, because one of my dreams in life is to introduce AKKI Kenpo to Latin America. What I am asking all of you who read this statement is, to simply give me some feedback, because I'd like to know the opinions of fellow members. Again, I'd like to congratulate each and everyone you for your achievements. I'd like to send a special congratulation to Mr. Fusciardi, who is the highest ranking European member, and the first European AKKI professor. Though I personally don't know Mr. Fusciardi, I have the utmost respect for him, because he is the first of his kind, a step which I hope to follow someday.

Thanks alot,

Alex Molina(Las vegas, 3rd Brown)

Name=Bill Bailey


Url= select=Search engine

Comments=You have a good site here, simple but informative. Hope I meet you again soon, especially LES GRIHAULT, .Keep up the good work.


Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 09:27:19 GMT

Name=Ryan Wheaton

Message=Gino, I just stumbled across your website by accident. Looks like you are off to a good start with your webpage. I hope that you are doing well and that Kenpo is going great for you in Ireland. Take care and I look forward to seeing you next month in Las Vegas!

Best regards, Ryan Wheaton 3rd Black

Regional Rep AKKI for Northern Utah, USA

Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 00:50:12 GMT

Name=Roger Taylor

Message=hey just wanted to say hello to our AKKI brothers accross the pond!!!!Nice web page guys..

Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 16:03:04 GMT

Name=Keith Gorham

Message=Well, well,,, my good friend Gino. Glad to see you've got your web site up and running. It looks great! When I heard you had a site,, I just had to pop in and take a look. I'm truly looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in February. You are doing a great job for us in Ireland. Please tell your wife and all the guys I said hello.

See you soon.

Your Friend, Keith Gorham AKKI Board of Directors / Southern Central USA Regional Rep

.Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 22:29:36 GMT

Name=Omar Issa 2brown

Message=Hello from Utah USA

Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 23:34:30 GMT

Name=Monty Fielding



Comments=Nice site. See you in Vegas

Name=Ian Long


How did you find us=AKKI

Comments=It's nice to know that AKKI Kenpo is flourishing in Ireland, please keep up the excellent work.