Matthew Stevens (30th July 00)





Matthew Stevens

My name is Matthew Stephens. I am a member of Celtic Kenpo Academy have been studding martial arts now for about 9 months, under my instructor David Phillips. I have found over the last few months my life has changed in ways I never could have imagined before. I have more confidence and self-belief in myself than I have ever had before. I'm more focused and motivated in achieving my objectives. I have found new friends in fellow students and other clubs I have trained in and met in Companions. I have tried my best in training and my Instructor has help me overcome forms and techniques which I thought was physically impossible but now I have no problem at all. The best moment in my Martial Arts career was when I went to Jersey to fight in the European Championships. It was an experience I will never forget, the crack was great. When I entered the arena my heart went up into my troath.I really didn't know what I was letting myself in for, I entered in forms and sparing. This was my first competing and I knew I was over my head, but my Instructor just told me not to be nervous and just go out and do what I had to do. I did my form and it was a frightening experience I made a few mistakes but I know I will do better next time. My next event was sparing I was very nervous because I had seen some of the people I was going to fight, and some were twice my size. I was told not to worry about there size just do my best and don't fight the belt just fight the person. I ended up coming 3rd and when I was presented with my trophy I knew all the training had paid off. My instructor and team mates hugged me and congratulated me it was an overwhelming experience, one I will never forget.

Matthew Stevens


Sunday 25th of June 00 was the day, the national basketball arena the place; the fourth Irish cup the venue. People from all over Europe and America were involved. The A.K.K.I was represented by Liberties Kenpo Karate Academy and C.K.K.A. This is a report on how the students of L.K.K.A did; David Phillips is going to give a report on the C.K.K.A. Seventeen students from the L.K.K.A were involved they are as follows. Blue belts: John Quilty and Aaron Senior; Purple belts: Danielle Graham, Ann Dunne, Carly Wosser, Mark Lawlor, Colm Kelly, Mark Guider and Derek Digham. Orange belts Francis Mc Garry, Wayne Fitzgerald, Joe Keogh. Yellow belts: Brian Digham, Ciaran Burke and Shauna Senior. White belts Losha Simakov and Shauna Maxwell.First up were the musical forms there was five division this is getting poplar. It was nice to see and hear so many different interpretations of the same form. Our first medal of the day went to Shauna Senior this nine year old went out and did form one she finished in second place. Then it was Losha Simakovs turn to show how good he is, a never give up attitude got him second in forms and third in fighting. Next on the floor were the juniors with John Quilty getting second in forms and Ciaran Burke finishing third in fighting. It all happening so fast next up were the seniors Ann Dunne came away with first in forms with form two and third in fighting. Cerly Wosser got second in forms with form two and Danielle Graham finished in second place in fighting. In the men's Division Mark Lawlor got first in forms with form two and third in fighting with Colm Kelly finished second in forms. Well done one and all you were great. Report by G Senior.



 The basic structure of KENPO is based on the theory Yin /Yang a pair of mutually complementary forces that act continuously without cessation, in this universe.


This Chinese way of life can be applied to anything, but here we are interested in its relationship to the art of KENPO.

The black part of the circle is called Yin.  Yin can represent anything in the universe as negativeness, passiveness, gentleness, insubstantiality femaleness, moon, darkness, night, ECT.


The other complementary part of the circle is Yang which represents positivness, activeness, firmness, substantiality, maleness, sun, brightness, day ect. The common mistake most people make is to identify this Yin\Yang symbol, Tai – chi as ovalistic that is Yang being the opposite of Yin; and vice versa.

 As long as we separate this oneness into two, we won’t achieve realisation, actually all things have their complementary part, it is only in the human mind and his perception that they are separated into opposites. The sun is not the opposite of the moon, as they complement and are independent of each other and we can survive without either of them. In a similar way a male is but the complement of the female, for without the male, how on earth do we know there is female, or vice versa.

 The ”oneness” of Yin / Yang is necessary in life.  If a person riding a bicycle wishes to go somewhere, he cannot pump on both pedals at the same time or not pumping on them at all.  In order to move forward he has to pump one pedal and release the other. So the movement of going forward requires this “oneness” of pumping and realising. Pumping then is the result of releasing and vice versa, each being the cause of the other.


In Yin /Yang symbol there is a white spot on the black part, and a black spot on the white one.

 This is to illustrate the balance in life, for nothing can survive long by going to either extremes.

Even if we do incline, on one extreme, be it negative or positive, we will flow with it in order to control it. This flowing with it without clinging is the true way to get rid of it.

 When the movements in Yin / Yang flow into extreme, reaction sets in. For when Yin / Yang goes to the extreme, it changes to Yin, and when Yin (activated by Yang) goes to the extreme, it returns back to Yang. (That is why each one is the result and cause of the other).                                                -

 For example, when one works to the extreme, he becomes tired and has to rest (from Yin to Yang). After resting, he can work again (Yin back to Yang).

 This incessant changing of Yin / Yang is also continuous. The application of the theory of Yin/Yang in KENPO is known as the law of harmony with, and not against the force of the opponent. Suppose A applies strength on B, B should not oppose or give way completely to it, for these are but the two extremes opposites of B’s reaction. Instead, he should complete A’s force. With a lesser force, and lead him to the direction of his own movement.


As the butcher preserves his knife by cutting along the bone and not against it, a KENPO man preserves himself by following the movement of his opponent without opposition or even striving (wu- wai spontaneous, or spirit action).

 This spontaneous assisting of A’s movement as he aims it will result in his own defeat.

 When a KENPO man finally understands the theory of Yin /Yang, he no longer “fusses” with so called “gentleness” or “firmness” he simply does what the moment requires him to do. In fact all conventional forms and techniques are all gone, his movements are those of everyday movements. He doesn’t have to “justify” himself like so many other masters have, claiming his spirit or his internal power. To him cultivation of the martial art, in the long run will return to simplicity, and only people of halfway cultivation justify and brag about themselves. 


Author unknown.


Gino Fusciardi akki dir.

My name is Ann Dunne and I am a member of the Liberties Kenpo Karate Academy. When I first joined that school my knowledge of martial arts was limited to what I had seen on television. The reality is so different,when I walked into the hall nervous and alone the genuine warmth and friendliness of my instructors Mr. Gerry Senior and Mr. Kieran Royal overcame my fears.I have to smile when I remember how unfit I was huffing and puffing but from that first class I was hooked. We are now members of Master Paul Mills American Kenpo Karate International since 1997. My instructor Mr Gerry Senior has continued to seek improvement in the art and in this way has found a common bond with the A.K.K.I president and fonder Master Paul Mills. They both strive to achieve the maximum potential from Kenpo Karate. I would like to acknowledge Mr Gerry Senior dedication loyalty and generosity to not only me but to all his students. I feel privileged to have Mr Senior as my instructor his encouragement increases my determination to be the best I can be. To me the training hall represents a peaceful haven. It is a chance for me to relax and think only of Kenpo Karate. In class we are continuously being taught to be self-confident self-reliant responsible and truthful. Mr Senior teaches all his students to train with patience persistence to reach their full potential. He encourages us to not only question why but to look deeper to discover Kenpo our way. It is this never ending search for knowledge that makes the A.K.K.I what it is. My journey in the American Kenpo Karate International has been enjoyable and will continue to be so. A family member and proud holder of my orange belt.


Ann Dunne.

AKKI Europe Seminar

AKKI Europe seminars in Amsterdam During the weekend of 12, 13 and 14th of November Amsterdam was the hotspot for a series of thunder- and lightning like seminars on AKKI material. This weekend (on special invitation by AKKI-Holland) professor of the arts Gino Fusciardi, 6th degree black belt and Director of Ireland for the AKKI, visited the Dutch capitol to give special seminars on the brand-new AKKI material. Together with his friend in Kenpo for over 30 years, ass. Professor of the arts William Kelly, 5th degree black belt and Director of Holland, he demonstrated and instructed various classes on a range of different subject from the AKKI curriculum. By the end of the weekend everybody agreed that the days had been very educational, inspiring, and -never forget!- a tremendous amount of fun. Although all the way across the ocean and recovering at the moment (with which we all wish him the best), Mr. Mills -Master of the arts and head of the AKKI- was there certainly in spirit. With great excitement the two gentlemen showed what techniques, forms, and many other subjects are made of when performed with the AKKI methods of execution. I can say in all honesty, since I felt it personally more than once over the weekend, that these "gentle-men" sure hit fast and hard, and I mean thunder and lightning!! And at the same time, once one got the chance to look upon them from a spectator's point of view, it was surprising that they did so with such ease that a word such as grace came to mind. And then paa-BOOM!!! Not only were they very proficient themselves, but they also proved they knew very well how to bring the material over to the students there. So in the end everybody was bolting away, and putting their own inherent power to work. But for a day-to-day description of the weekend: Friday the weekend started with an exciting day for some of the members in the Amsterdam club. After arriving on Thursday, this was the day that Mr. Fusciardi together with Mr. Kelly was presiding over a number of tests. There were the two juniors: young Liam, going for his junior 3rd brown belt. And, for many years his classmate, Cop. Cop went for his brown tip on the green belt. Besides the juniors there were two seniors: Michael Mangal, who went for his 1st brown belt and at the same time was pre-tested for his future black belt. This he hopes to achieve at the end of February, when he will join the group from Europe going to the bi-annual AKKI camp in Las Vegas. And the last person who was also testing on this day, there was myself. I was also pre-tested for my future black belt. I also hope to achieve this promotion in Las Vegas next year. We were all put to the test, performing various techniques, forms, sets, drills, and other material. Working hard under the scrutinizing look of both Mr. Fusciardi and Mr. Kelly, we showed the final result of months of hard work. The atmosphere was at the same time very friendly, which helped us to undo those nerves that always seem to suddenly pop up. In the end everybody passed and received their traditional kick. After that both Mr. Fusciardi and Mr. Kelly took the time to give us very usefull advise in which way we might be able to inprove ourselves to an even better standard. This was especially usefull for us two seniors, looking forward to the test next year. We were both very gratefull for the extra insights we received. On Saturday it was time for the actual seminars to start. In the morning it began with a class for kids. They got to work on their new forms, techniques and various drills. And this morning young Thie, the brother of the before mentioned Cop, got his chance to test for his junior purple belt. He performed very well and was rewarded with his new belt and the accompanied kick. After that it was the turn for the juniors and seniors. A whole variety of belt levels, from white all the way up to black, got their chance to train under the attentive guidance of Mr. Fusciardi an Mr. Kelly. They went over the new forms and the new techniques and worked on their methods of execution. Mr. Fusciardi and Mr. Kelly gave some pretty convincing demonstrations in which both took turns outdoing themselves (with one of us in the middle: ooughs!!!). But together with the always present atmosphere of a good joke and a laugh it only all made the seminar a succes! And by the end of the day we were sure getting the hang of it: a grunt or oughs became more and more common, together with words of appraisal and all in the best of atmosphere. Everybody was able to go home after a long and fruitfull day with content in their hearts. On Sunday everybody got the chance to further explore the material offered the day before, again under the direction of the two gentlemen. They put forward their skills and knowledge of different theories and concepts that lie beneath the techniques and other material. A special note was that André, one of our group beginners, his chance got to do his Yellow belt test on this day. He was, just as the others on the previous days, succesfull in passing his test. The Sunday ended with a special seminar, for black and brown belts only, on the new AKKI-club material. They worked away at the different moves and strikes and worked on the clubset. This finally ended a very satisfying weekend for everybody. The next day Mr. Fusciardi left us to go back again to Ireland. But our impression of him will certainly linger for quite some time. We are all very gratefull for all his time, effort and enthousiasm and hope to see him again in the near future. Mr. Kelly we have to thank again for making these seminars possible, besides all he does for us every week. And to all our friends in the AKKI out there: we hope to see you all again soon. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

On behalf of the students of Kelly's Kenpo Academy Amsterdam

Mark Rijke 1st Brown Belt.


Liberties Kenpo Karate Academy takes The European Championships by storm.

Fourteen members along with members of Leixlip Kenpo Karate Club competed in the championships on Saturday the 15th of May. The Irish team took on the rest of Europe and the USA. The Irish team battled hard against England, Jersey, Spain ,Holland , Portugal , Italy, Greece and Scotland .

In the forms division Mark Lawlor, Mark Guider and Colm Kelly from Liberties Kenpo took the gold ,silver and bronze medals, all in the same event. This was a great performance with AKKI Form one because this was there first competition. Well done lads.

Danielle Graham took second place in freestyle sparring.

Junior white belt Ciaran Burke took second place in the freestyle sparring.

But for us the big one of the day was 6yr. old Losha Simatiov from Russia taking 1st place in freestyle sparring .

It was a great day for all the students who put on a great display and did the AKKI and Master Paul Mills proud. A special thanks to the young student from Mr Kelly's Kenpo Club in Holland for travelling to Dublin to compete in the championships ,a great effort and well done.Report by ,Gerry Senior 2nd degree AKKI

Gino Fusciardi 6th degree AKKI dir.Ireland




During the 16th, 17th, 18th of April Amsterdam was the place to be for a thundering experience in A.K.K.I. Kenpo. The reason was the much anticipated visit of our special guest Mr. Gino Fusciardi, 6th degree Black Belt and European Director for Mr. Mills A.K.K.I. On invitation by Mr. William Kelly, 5th degree Black Belt and Hollands A.K.K.I. representative, Mr. Fusciardi visited the Dutch capitol for a weekend of promotions and seminars held in the Dutch headquarters of the A.K.K.I.: Kelly's Kenpo Karate Academy. Mr. Fusciardi and Mr. Kelly have been friends and fellow practitioners of the art of kenpo for 27 years and have visited many a place on the globe together, most recently their visit to Las Vegas, Nevada atttending the much renowned seminars of the founder and president of their organisation Mr. Paul Mills, Master of the Art.This last visit was what led to Mr. Fusciardi coming over for this weekend. After receiving all the exciting new material in America it was now time to refine and sharpen our new found power and explosiveness under the knowledgeable hands of Mr. Fusciardi and his side-kick Mr. Kelly. Mr. Fusciardi's visit started on his arrival on wednesday when he and his wife, who accopanied him on his visit, were met by Mr. Kelly at the airport. The next day a prelude of what was to come took place when Mr. Fusciardi joined Mr. Kelly in his regular class for the junoirs. Afterwards Mr. Fusciardi commented that he was very impressed with the standard of their proficiency. He was very pleased to hear that one of the students, young Liam O'Callaghan, is going to compete in the European I.K.K.A. Championships in Ireland. Mr. Fusciardi felt that this young student should do very well with the new AKKI-form 1. Then on Friday it was the big day for some of the bigger lads! Three students were going for their promotions in front of mr. Fusciardi and Mr. Kelly: -Mr. Dennis Smit, going for his third degree black, -Mr. Mark Rijke, for first brown, -and Mr. Michael Mangal, for third brown. The nerves were running high and the temperature was soring, as they performed to their best ability, demonstrating their new AKKI forms, techniques and sets. To the joy of their instructor they all passed succesfully, and were awarded their new rank by means of a proper initiation performed with heartfelt vigor by Mr. Kelly. When they were catching their breath Mr. Fusciardi commented on their performance with praising words and congratulated each student. Then they were all presented with their much sort after AKKI certificate. Then Saturday came where a whole group of student from all over Holland attended the seminar by Mr. Fusciardi. To our regret Mr. Kelly's student and friend Mr. Perez, AKKI representative for Spain, could not attend due to a full work schedule. For the whole day everybody worked hard under the direction of Mr. Fusciardi to further refine and discover insights of the new forms 1 and 2, newly developed by Mr. Mills. On Sunday, the last day of Mr. Fusciardi's visit was when the lightning bolts really started to flash on the mat. With awesome power Mr. Fusciardi and Mr. Kelly went about demonstrating the new AKKI orange belt techniques, with such energy that none was left untouched. All of a sudden bodies were flying through the air and hitting the deck, while the atmosphere remained utterly friendly. This last day was a proper conclusion to a most succesfull weekend. All the students expressed their gratitude, and were much impressed with all that went on. Mr. Fusciardi's visit will be long remembered.

Report by Mark Ryke 1st brown.


American Kenpo Karate International Europe

Seminars conducted by Professor Gino Fusciardi, at Motions health club Leixlip, County Kildare.

On Sunday 30 August special guests Associate Professor Willie Kelly and Associate Professor Bernie Drakes conducted two seminars at motions kenpo karate club.

Mr. Drakes covered the special speed drills of the AKKI. He showed how they relate to our techniques and how to generate great speed with the proper execution of the principles and timing within the drills.

Mr. Kelly with his own style of teaching gave a display of the power and speed of his techniques from yellow belt through to orange belt. It was a wonderful display by Mr. Kelly. Professor Gino Fusciardi went on to cover form one and two. The concept of both forms contain the speed drills found which are a trade mark of Mr. Mills kenpo.

The next seminar Mr. Fusciardi covered phase one of the new club set. Designed by Mr. Mills it was conducted in very easy manner to get over to the students on how to get the sticks moving with ease and speed and the proper execution striking with sticks.

Another great day with the top AKKI European instructors was had by all and a chance for all akki students to train with each other and meet Mr. Kelly, Mr. Drakes and above all our head instructor Professor Gino Fusciardi.

Report by Gerry Senior
2nd degree black belt.




The 3rd Irish Cup was the event, "The National Basketball Arena" was the venue, and the day was Sunday the 27th of June 1999. The Irish cup is a combined event of Karate and Ju-Jitsu sponsored by Don Madden and run by Andrew Webb. With over 180 competitors from the U.S.A the competition was all ways going to have a competitive edge with U.S.A v Europe. The Karate and Ju-Jitsu were run separate to each other; it was nice for people to see different forms of martial arts. There were a lot of things happening at the same time it kept people interested for most of the day.

Once again, Master Paul Mills’s form one was received very well both on its own and when it was accompanied by music. Just like the Europeans a few weeks ago in the yellow to green belt section Mark Lawlor was first, Mark Guider was second and Colm Kelly was third.

In the pee-wees section Shauna Senior was second in the forms and Joseph Keogh was third. In the junior section Aaron Senior was third in the forms, Wayne Fitzgerald was second in sparring. The rest of the seniors, Ann Dunne and Carly Wossor, were third in sparring. Mark Guider was third in musical forms. John Quilty was second in musical forms and third in sparring. Once again Danielle Graham was second in sparring. All in all a good day for the Liberties Kenpo Karate Academy but most of all a great day for the A.K.K.I and Master Paul Mills

Report by Gerry Senior


New Club For Palmerstown

Mr. David Phillips and Kieran Royaln have recently opened the Celtic kenpo academy in palmerstown parish centre. classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-10pm and will be structured for everyone from beginners to advanced. for further information please contact Kieran on 086-8710117 and David on 086-8723404