I started my training in 1973 with fourth degree black belt Mr Jack Skelton.The kenpo system taught at that time came from Mr Mc Sweeney who was here in Ireland at University in Dublin,Mr Mc Sweeney was taught by Master Ed Parker founder of American Kenpo.

I studied the traditional system which was taught by Mr Mc Sweeney at that time.When Mr Skelton moved on to another job and the club closed I joined High St. Kenpo Karate Club.

My instructors there were a Mr Padget and Mr Coleman both excellent black belts and instructors,I stayed in high street up to my second degree black belt .I then moved to join the IKKA with Lorcan Carey under Rainier Schulty who was then made European director by Mr Parker.I was promoted third degree through to fifth degree by the IKKA.In 1997 I then resigned from the IKKA and joined Master Paul Mills and the AKKI and am his representative for Ireland.