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St. Mary's church is located in the village square. It was built in 1722 and restored in 1890. It is the Protestant Parish Church on the site of the original chancel of the medieval Priory built in 1210 and incorporates a 15th century tower. There is a statue of Mary Tighe (poet) in the Church grounds. Some interesting tombstones can also be seen there.

This beautiful riverside village is within easy reach of many ancient sites - Dolmens, Standing and Ogham Stones, Hill and Ring Forts, Passage Graves and Rock-art, Stone Circles, Henges, Sheela na Gigs and High Crosses.

Within the grounds of Woodstock Estate is the ruins of Sandford Castle from which you will get a panoramic view of the village.


Duiske Abbey: Duiske Abbey is the heart of Graiguenamanagh, the foundation around which the town grew up.

The Abbey of Duiske was the largest of the 34 Cistercian abbeys in Ireland, and one of the most splendid. Work began in 1204 but it took 30 years to complete the building. It was one of the first Gothic structures in the country and one of the finest examples of what came to be known as "Early English" architecture.

Over the centuries the abbey fell into disrepair and some of its finest assets were lost forever. In the early 1800's the building was re-roofed and converted into a chapel for the local people. Then, after serving as a parish church for decades, the huge undertaking of restoration was commenced in the late 1970's. Today the Abbey Church of Duiske can be admired once again in all its splendour and magnificence.

Within the grounds of the Abbey stand the Akythawn and Ballyogan Crosses, dating from the 8th and 9th centuries, both of which have carved figures and Celtic ornamentation.