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   Kincora accordions are all handmade. This ensures that each instrument receives individual attention to detail. All Kincora accordions are tuned to a very high degree of accuracy using the customers specification. Any tuning can be catered for including B/C, C/C#, C#/D, D/D#, D/G, D/C#. Expert advice can be given on all aspects of tunings, tonalaties and bass/chord systems. Kincora accordions can be made using 3 sets of middle (Mezzo) reeds which gives a light sweet sound or with 2 sets of middle (Mezzo) reeds + 1 set of sub octave (Bassi) reeds which gives a more base sounding tone.


Only Binci Professional handmade reeds are used in Kincora accordions. Binci reeds are renowned for their stability, response, power and quality of tone. The Binci Professional is the ultimate handmade reed.


   The bellows are specifically designed and made to give the instrument its excellent handling characteristics between treble and bass ends - thus making the instrument less strenuous to play.


Bass System

    Kincora accordions use an eight bass/chord system as standard using 2 voiced basses and 4 voiced chords. Bass/Chord configurations can be adapted to suit individual requirements.
Adjustable left hand padded strap offset for more comfort.


Celtic Designed - Gold plated grille & fretted keyboard allowing maximum sound output. A quality, reinforced and padded carrying case ensures your Kincora Accordion is kept stable during transit. Comfortable adjustable padded shoulder straps (2).

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