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Quotes from well known accordion players

"The Kincora button accordion hand-made by Martin Connolly is a God send to the world of Irish traditional music. With the decline in recent years of the Paolo Soprani, young enthusiasts wanted an instrument that was easily handled, responsive and affordable. The Kincora fits the bill on all fronts. Made with care and tuned by the master himself, I can genuinely recommend this product". John Regan, Sligo/Dublin.

"Without doubt the Kincora is the best accordion on the market today. Both tone and response are excellent, its got teriffic action and it handles beautifully. Its a box players box".
Richie Dwyer, Cork/Clare

"A lovely rich tone with great response. It handles very well and is extremely easy to play. I am very happy with both my B/C and C/C# which I have for over 5 years with no problems whatsoever. The Kincora is an excellent instrument".
Josie Canavan, Connemara/Clare.

"A pleasure to play - The tone and response are superb. It blends in exceptionally well with other instruments. Once you play a Kincora its difficult to play any other accordion. A great instrument".
Sean Thompson, Longford.

"Of all the accordions that I have played - the Kincora is the Rolls Royce. It is very responsive - has lovely tone - is balanced beautifully from treble to bass and has a lovely action - all these qualities make it very enjoyable to play".
Aodán Moynihan, Westmeath.