Erëtas / Eritas

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Erëtas (prounounced er-EE-tas) developed out of Iritasa, a sketch at for conlang I developed quite a while ago. I think I was thinking of Basque at the time I did it, but the notes were poor and inconsistant. One night in late October 2001, I tried to put some sort of shape on it and, probably due of sleep deprivation and large amounts of Caffeine, I mutated it into Erëtas.

One description of the language I got was `It looks rather like Tolkien's Quenya with a triple helping of Finnish and umlauts 75% off the menu price'. That said, I can't see any resemblance with Quenya...

Oh, before I forget - the language is far from finished. I still have to add piles of elements to it yet before it's a fully expressive language. I've even done stuff in translating the passages that aren't detailed in the grammar. Stay with me though - I'll get it all down eventually.

And if the pages look wierd, it's because it's all marked up with XHTML so some browsers (e.g. Navigator 4) might have problems. If they do, tell me and I'll change the markup. Cheers!

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Appendix A
Miscellaneous Details
Appendix B
Sample Texts
Appendix C

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