Keith Gaughan: Glosseopoeia

Constructed languages is a bit of a hobby of mine. I've been doing it for the last six years or so. All my notes are rather disorganised and I'm not really very good at putting it all together, so it might take a while for me to put everything up here. Ternaru is my main language, and the one that's most disorganised. As soon as I can, I want to put it up here.

My Languages

The Good Stuff™

My first, and primary language. It's spoken on a planet called Sionrjd by a race who call themselves the Ternadi. The notes for this one are a mess so don't expect it up any time soon!
This is my second language after Ternaru. It developed out of a nights work attempting to put some proper shape on Iritasa.
This is a personal language I started dabbling with a while ago. It's a personal language. It's got little in-jokes and odd features and sounds nice to me. I'd like to put it up here some time soon.

The not-so Good Stuff™

Silliness with Irish on a mass scale - what was I on???
The mess that was Erëtas's parent. I'm leaving this up for historical (hysterical?) reasons only. Don't laugh too hard...

Other Stuff

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