Q-BAL Programming Language

Q-BAL is a programming language that Ben Yackley and Michael Shulman invented on a whim, based on the question "What would it be like if a language were based on queues rather than stacks?" The acronym stands for Queue-BAsed Lanugage. This language is not designed to be useful, just fun. If you feel like writing any programs in Q-BAL, I would be very glad to post them here. I hope to someday write an interpreter for Q-BAL programs, so stay tuned! The Q-BAL system has been undergoing revamping lately in discussions with Andy and Ben, and when I have time I'll update these pages to reflect whatever conclusions we will hopefully have reached by then.

How to Program in Q-BAL

  1. Introduction
  2. Input and Output
  3. Program Control
  4. Introduction to Functions
  5. Advanced Functions
  6. Compound Data Types

Revisions since then