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The Esoteric Programming Languages Webring

I'm the RingMaster of the Esoteric Programming Languages Webring. Anyone's free to join as long as they have some content on their site to do with them.

Join the ring - you know it's right!

13th October, 2001: The ring appeared on Slashdot recently, if it's of any interest to anyone...

Here's what happened to ring activity that day:

The ring being slashdotted!

What's Here?

Not much here yet - mostly because I've got a lot of stuff going on in the RealWorld™...


I've written a Brainfuck Interpreter for RISC OS. Hand written in ARM code with some examples and there's a Brainfuck Compiler in the making.


I'm currently hosting all the Q-BAL resources on this site. Q-BAL lives again!

Current projects

Here's a list of stuff I plan on doing some time soon:

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