RISC OS Software

This lot is all ferociously badly organised. It's arguable that each section should have a seperate page, or better yet each program, but I'm lazy...

Desktop Utilities

DiscName v0.04 (1-Jul-1998)
Shows the name of the disc currently in drive :0.

FontView v0.14 (1-May-1998)
Desktop font viewer.

IDEutils v0.01 (2-Feb-1998)
Utilities for IDEFS.

RealHelp v0.06 (12-Sep-1999)
When it comes to replacements for !Help, this one's as good as it gets.

Rothaigh v0.10 (11-Apr-1998)
Window cycler with a stupid name.

Programming Tools & Libraries

Brainfuck v2.02 (30-Sep-1999)
The smallest Turing-complete interpreter available for RISC OS!

DLMlib (Dev)
A development release of my partially reconstructed libraries.

Focal-81 v0.01 (30-Apr-2000)
This is a port of David Conroy's Focal Interpreter. Focal was a language similar in many respects to BASIC which was developed by DEC for use on their mainframes. I got the source from the Retrocomputing Museum.

GrubbyTask (4-Aug-1999)
A bog-simple grubby interface.

HelpReader v2.07 (5 Nov 1998)
A pretty textfile reader. Co-written with Philip Mellor.

Pollster v0.20a (22-Aug-1999)
The pollmask calculator.

68kSim v0.01 (20-Mar-2000)
Simulator for the Motorola MC68000 Microprocessor.
68ksim has its own page

Sillies & Games

RUDrunk v1.03 (28 Jul 1999)
Just try an close that window...

Sound Utilities

DLMplay v0.01 (27-Jul-1998)
Small trackerplayer interface for QTMTracker and Digital Symphony.

PTplay v0.02 (9-Aug-99)
Small trackerplayer interface for those braindead ProTracker modules.

StereoCon v0.02 (4-Sep-98)
Stereo controller.

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