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Whilst crest collecting was essentially a British hobby some evidence is found of it being promoted or practised in other countries including America, Australia, Canada, France and India.

The collection contains three albums which were acquired from Australia, only one of which has identifiable Australian material; it is probable that the other albums arrived in Australia among the personal effects of emigrants from the U.K.

One other album acquired in England is relatively strong in Australian material with a couple of dozen identifiable crests. The two albums containing Australian crests date from the 1880s.


Evidence of promotion of the pastime in Australia is found in a dealer's catalogue which was located in an Australian library. The dealer was Fred Hagen of The Sydney Foreign Stamp Depot, 74 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, New South Wales. Hagen's main offerings were philatelic material but the catalogue includes three crest albums which, by their descriptions, were published by Messrs. Stanley Gibbons & Co., of England.

Also on offer were seven packets of official crests of the British Army, six sets of Official Badges and Honors of the British Army and the British Army Album which were probably published by Messrs. Gale & Polden the British army publishers and stationers.

Displayed here are some Australian armed forces crests and two sets of military crests in original sheets as issued by William S Lincoln of London.

Set 616: Queensland Mounted Infantry; Military Forces, New South Wales; Brisbane Garrison Battery, Queensland; New Zealand Volunteers; 1st Queenslanders Moreton Regiment;Victorian Garrison Artillery; 2nd Regiment Queensland; 3rd Regiment Townsville, Queensland.

Set 617: Victorian Horse & Artillery Brigade; Victorian Rangers; Belfast Garrison Artillery, Victoria; Portland Garrison Artillery, Victoria; 2nd Battalion Infantry Brigade, Victoria; Mounted Rifles, Victoria;Port Fairy Garrison Artillery, Victoria; Queensland Permanent Artillery.

Other Australian crests are dealt with on the Australian Government and General pages.


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