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ZURBRICK-Related Church Records
Erie co., NY

Many thanks to Karen Thompson for collecting & contributing these records.
The records are copied as written.

* St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Buffalo
* St. John's Lutheran Church, Lancaster***[See Photo]
* St. Peter's Evangelical & Reformed Church, Lancaster area

Notes on location names:
Frankreich = German for "France".
Pfalzweiler = German spelling of Pfalzweyer, Alsace, France (close to Hangviller).
Hagenweiler /Hangenweiler = German spelling of Hangviller, Lorraine, France.
Berlingen = German spelling of Berling, France (close to Hangviller & Pfalzweyer).

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Hickory Street, Buffalo, Erie co., NY

According to the Mormon LDS Library, most of these early Lutheran settlers came to Erie county
with a Pastor GRABAU from the Alsace-Lorraine area.  They started the first Lutheran church
in Buffalo, the St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church on Hickory Street.  In Buffalo, Pastor GRABAU
started what is now the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Missouri Synod spun off of
that in the 1850s when he and other ministers had a difference of opinion.
The LDS Family History Center had the microfilm of communicants, baptisms, confirmations, marriages
and deaths from 1833-1866.
Here are some Zurbricks & related family members from that microfilm.
Note:  ZURBRICK was usually spelled ZURBRÜCK.

~~~COMMUNICANTS, 1833 - 1837~~~
         Dorthea & Philip KIENTZ
         Nicolaus ZURBRÜCK
         Michael ZURBRÜCK
         Margareth ZURBRÜCK
         Maria E. ZURBRÜCK
         Louisa ZURBRÜCK
         Gilgran ZURBRÜCK

~~~CONFIRMATION, 1835~~~
        Anton ZURBRÜCK

~~~BAPTISMS, 1835 - 1839~~~

ZURBRÜCK, Johann, b. 10/19/1835, bapt. 5/29/1836
Son of Anton & Magdalena ZURBRÜCK
Sponsors: Barnhart ECKERMAN, Peter ZURBRÜCK, Margareth ZURBRÜCK.

ZURBRÜCK, Johannes, b. 1/1/1837, bapt. 3/19/1837
Son of Peter & Elizabeth ZURBRÜCK
Sponsors:  Michael HEINRICH, John ZURBRÜCK, Susanna BUSCHLIN, Margareth ZURBRÜCK.

ZURBRÜGG, Peter, b. 5/6/1837, bapt. 9/27/1837
Son of Gilgian & Kath. Marg. ZURBRÜGG
Sponsors:  Peter BRUCH, Valentine HESS, Margareth ZURBRÜGG, Louisa HESS.

ZURBRÜCK, Anton and Johannes (twins), b. 12/22/1838, bapt. 1/6/1839
Sons of Gilgian ZURBRÜCK and Marg. DRINKEHAUSE
Sponsors:  Anton ZURBRÜCK, Magdalena ZURBRÜCK, Peter ZURBRÜCK,
                John ZURBRÜCK, Elizabeth ZURBRÜCK.

ZURBRÜCK, Susanna Katherine, b. 1/21/1839, bapt. 2/17/1839
Daughter of John ZURBRÜCK and Susanna BUSCHLIN
Sponsors:  Gilgian ZURBRÜCK, David ADOLPH, Elizabeth ZURBRÜCK Margareth ZURBRÜCK.

St. John's Lutheran Church
Lancaster, Erie co., NY


ZURBRÜCK, Edmund - little son of Nicol. & Kathar.
Born 7/24/1862, Died 10/30/1862, Buried 11/1/1862/

ZURBRÜCK, Albert George - little son of Georg & Louise.
Born 5/27/1863, Died 4/20/1864, Buried 4/22/1864

ZURBRICK, Johann Freidrich - son of Nicol. & Kathar.
Born 6/25/1866, Died 8/23/1868, Buried 8/25/1868

ZURBRÜCK, Louise - daughter of Nicol. & Kathar. nee GOTTLIEB.
Born 1/7/1857, Died 8/31/1870, Buried 9/2/1870.

ZURBRICK, Georg Edward - son of Jacob & Kathar. nee LATSCHAR.
Born 10/2/1872, Died 9/1/1873, Buried 9/?/1873.

ZURBRICK, Georg from Hangeweiler, of Townline  [was Johann Georg on baptism record].
Born 12/21/1814, Died 5/10/1875, Buried 5/12/1875.

ZURBRICK, Ida Louise - daughter of Jac. & Kathar. nee LATHSCHAR [often spelled LATCHER].
Born 4/23/1878, Died 8/11/1878, Buried 8/13/1878.

SUTTELL, Franz - son of Franz Anton & Karol. nee ZURBRICK.
Born 3/3/1880, Died 6/14/1881, Buried 6/16/1881.

ZURBRICK, Michael of Cheektowaga  [Civil War Vet].
Born 10/29/1841, Died 5/16/1883, Buried 5/19/1883.

ZURBRICK, Nicolaus from Alsace
Born 5/14/1819, Died 5/29/1886, Buried 5/31/1886.

SUTTELL, Franz Anton, Died 6/19/1894, husband, of dilerium tremens.

ZURBRICK, Philip, Died 5/15/1888, age 72y-8m-25d, leaving a widow and 7 children.

ZURBRICK, Karolina, Died 24 Sept 1888 age 34y-5m-15d, wife of Georg ZURBRICK.
She leaves the widower and 3 children.  Buried 9/25/1888.

ZURBRICK, Nicolaus, Born 12/28/1819, Died 5/15/1890 at age of 71y-4m-17d.
Leaves widow and 5 children.
[The petition of his estate papers from surrogate court also states d. 5/15/1890.
Lancaster Times reported on May 22, 1890, that he died at his home on the 15th.
It also stated that he was born in Luthering, Germany which is probably "Lotheringen",
German for "Lorraine".]

ZURBRICK, Susan Dor. nee KIENTZ, wife, Died 11/1/1893, age 75y-2m-5d, no children (German /Eng.)
[Wife of Johan Nicholas ZURBRICK who was b. 1808]

ZURBRICK, Joh. Nicolaus, widower, Died 12/30/1893, 85y-9m-20d, no surviving children.
[Note:  died about 2 months after his wife, Susan Dorothea, above.]

ZURBRÜCK, Katharina, Born 1/5/1824, widow of Nicol. ZURBRUCK who died 1886.
She died 9/10/1893 of a stroke, age 69y-8m-5d.

GECKELER, Anna Maria, from Schwaith, Wurttemberg,
Born 1/16/1794, Died 10/5/1869, Buried 10/7/1869.

ZURBRICK, Mrs. Elisabethe nee BURKHALTER from Hangenweiler, Alsace-Lorraine.
Born 1793, Bapt. 7/21/1793, Died 3/18/1880, Buried 3/22/1880.
[Note:  wife of George ZURBRICK.]

~~~BIRTHS /BAPTISMS - grouped by family~~~

ZURBRICK, Helen Veronica - born 27 May 1893, bapt. 19 July 1894
dau of Albert ZURBRICK & Mathilda A. SOMMER.
Sponsors: parents.  Born in Cheektowaga.

ZURBRICK, Harrison Alfred - born 8 Sep 1889, bapt. 19 July 1894
son of Franklin ZURBRICK & Lisette SOMMER.
Sponsors: parents.  Born in Cheektowaga.

ZURBRICK, Albert Georg - born 27 May 1863, bapt. 3 Feb 1864
son of Georg ZURBRICK & Louise KELLER.
Sponsors:  Georg ZURBRICK, Marie ZURBRICK.

ZURBRICK, Wilheim Warren - born 13 Feb 1866, bapt. 1 July 1866
son of Georg ZURBRICK & Louise KELLER.  (no sponsors listed)

ZURBRICK, Albert Frank - born 30 Oct 1869  bapt. 21 Dec 1869
son of Jacob ZURBRICK & Kath. LATSCHAR.
Sponsor:  Franz LATSCHER.

ZURBRICK, Bertha Maria Katharina - born 25 Jan 1875, bapt. 25 July 1875.
daughter of Jacob ZURBRICK & Kathar. LATSCHAR.
Sponsors: parents.

ZURBRICK, Eduard Leander - born 18 June 1876, bapt. 19 Oct 1876
son of Jacob ZURBRICK & Kathar. LATSCHAR.
Sponsors:  Franz LATSCHAR, Kath. LATSCHAR.

ZURBRICK, Klara Luella - born 17 July 1871, bapt. 30 Aug 1871
daughter of Jak. ZURBRICK & Kathar. LATSCHAR.

ZURBRICK, Georg Eduard - born ?6 Oct 1872, bapt. 25 Jan 1873
son of Jak. ZURBRICK & Kathar. LATSCHAR.
Sponsors:  Louise Anna ZURBRICK,  Georg STUTTER Jr.

ZURBRICK, Ida Louise - born 23 Apr 1878, bapt. 30 June 1878  [see death above, 11 Aug 1878]
daughter of Jakob ZURBRICK & Kath. LATSCHAR.
Sponsors:  Phil. MARTZLOFF, Louise MARTZLOFF.

ZURBRICK, Cora Olive - born 16 June 1883, bapt. 19 Nov 1883
daughter of Jakob ZURBRICK & Katharine LATSCHAR.
Sponsor:  Katharine LATSCHAR.  [grandmother]

ZURBRICK, Olivia Henriette - born 2 Mar 1888, bapt. 8 Apr 1888
daughter of Karl ZURBRICK & Maria MILDENBERGER.  [Note: Karl is AKA Charles Zurbrick.]

ZURBRICK, Louise - born 7 Jan 1857, bapt. 14 Nov 1869
daughter of Nicol. ZURBRICK III & Katharina GOTTLIEB.
Sponsors:  Friedrich WALZ, Friederike WALZ, Georg GEHRING, Barb. LEGLER (or BEGLER), Franzis KIEFER.

ZURBRICK, Samuel - born 15 June 1859, bapt. 14 Nov 1869
son of  Nicol. ZURBRICK III & Katharina GOTTLIEB.
Sponsors:  Friedrich WALZ, Friederike WALZ, Georg GEHRING, Barb. BEGLER, Franzis KIEFER.

ZURBRICK, Emma - born 24 Sep 1862, bapt. 14 Nov 1869
daughter of Nicol. ZURBRICK III & Katharina GOTTLIEB.
Sponsors:  Friedrich WALZ, Friederike WALZ, Georg GEHRING, Barb. BEGLER, Franzis KIEFER.

ZURBRICK, Sarah - born 22 Feb 1865, bapt. 14 Nov 1869
daughter of Nicol. ZURBRICK III & Katharina GOTTLIEB.
Sponsors:  Friedrich WALZ, Friederike WALZ, Georg GEHRING, Barb. BEGLER, Franzis KIEFER.

ZURBRICK, Elisabethe - born 18 June 1863, bapt. 9 Aug 1863
daughter of Peter ZURBRICK & Christine (nee) ZURBRICK.
Sponsors: parents.

ZURBRICK, Erwin Allen - born 4 Dec 1882, bapt. 20 May 1883
son of Philipp ZURBRICK & Anna Elisabethe WAGNER.
Sponsors:  Albert ZURBRICK and Mina WAGNER.

ZURBRICK, Nora Elisa - born 23 Jan 1884, bapt. 17 June 1885
daughter of Philipp ZURBRICK & Anna Elisabeth WAGNER.
Sponsors:  Jac. Wilh. WAGNER, Libbie Elisab. WAGNER.

ZURBRÜCK, Edmund - born 24 July 1862, bapt. 28 Sept 1862
son of Nicolaus ZURBRÜCK & Kathar. (nee) ZURBRÜCK.
Sponsors: parents.

ZURBRÜCK, Levi - born 22 July 1861, bapt. 13 Oct 1861
son of Peter ZURBRÜCK & Christina (nee) ZURBRÜCK.
Sponsor: church.

ZURBRÜCK, Daniel - born 29 Jan 1863, bapt. 28 Aug 1864
son of Phil ZURBRÜCK & Veronika GEKLER.
Sponsors: parents.

ZURBRÜCK, Albert - born 17 Aug 1859, bapt. 19 Apr 1863
son of Philipp ZURBRÜCK & Veronika GOCKLER.  (no sponsors listed)

ZURBRÜCK, Karoline - born 17 Oct 1857, bapt. 19 Apr 1863
daughter of Philipp ZURBRÜCK & Veronika GOCKLER.  (no sponsors listed)

St. Peter's Evangelical & Reformed Church, 1854-1863
Erie co., NY [Lancaster Area]


ZURBRÜCK, Johan Nickolas 1 - b.3/7/1808, Pfalzweiler, Dept. Niederheim, Frankreich
[Note:  Pfalzweiler /Pfalzweyer is in the Department of Niederrhein, which means
"Lower Rhine" in German, or Bas-Rhin in French.]
married Susanna Dorothea KIENTZ, b.8/25/1818 and married 5/30/1841.

ZURBRÜCK, Philipp, of Pfalzweiler, b.8/20/1815
married Katherine GEKLER on 8/15/1846.  She died 8/23/1847.
He then married Fronika GECKLER (Veronica or Fanny) on 6/20/1848.
Children: Dorothea 3/15/1849,
              Anna Maria 7/5/1850,
              Philipp and Catherine (twins) 5/1/1853,
              Franklin 4/8/1855.

ZURBRÜCK, Peter, from Pfalzweiler Alsace, b.7/18/1820  [see photo of Peter & Christina]
married Christina Zurbrück 7/15/1852.
Children: George 7/2/1853,
              Heinrich Nickolas 12/11/1854,
              Willhelm 1/17/1857 - 2/19/1859
              Willhelm 1/29/1859.

ZURBRÜCK, Johan Nickolas, the second *, from Hagenweiler, Alsace b. 5/14/1819
married Catherine Zurbrück b.1825, on 10/26/1848
Children: Peter 7/13/1850,
              Johan Adam 3/19/1852-1854.

ZURBRICK, Johan Nicholaus the 3rd *, from Hangenweiler, Frankreich b. 12/21/1819
married Catherine GOTTLIEB on 10/25/1847.
Children: Catherina 3/28/1848
              Barbara 9/11/1849
              Christina 7/5/1851
              Johan Nicholaus 3/15/1853

* [Note:  Johan Nicholaus the 2nd & 3rd are not different generations,
    since both were born in 1819; they were first cousins.]

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