My School

Hello my name is Laura F.  My schools name is Lisboduff NS. There are 3 teachers in our school and their names are Miss Connolly, Master Tierney, and Mrs Leddy. There are 15 people in Miss Connolly's room, 25 in my room, and   there  are 28 in  Mrs Leddy's  room.  I  have one  sister in  Mrs Leddys  room.   

By Laura F

Drung Football Training

My name is DwayneW. We are playing Redhills on Saturday.
I am at under tens training. Our coach's name is Owen M. We are going to beat Redhills. Wayne is a good goalie for our team. There are thirteen players on our team. I always go to training. Our pitch is called the meadow.

By Dwayne W.

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