The Lough Gur & District Historical Society was launched at the Great Stone Circle, Grange, Co. Limerick, on St. Patrick's Day 1984. The collection and preservation of local to national history continues to be a primary objective. The publication of a journal was undertaken in 1985 and, to date, ten editions have been printed, comprising over 800 pages, containing a goodly proportion of original material.

Local meetings and lectures, interspersed with field trips, and extended outings to places as varied as Sligo, Killarney,Belfast, Stonehenge, Newgrange, and Snowdonia in Wales have given strength and cohesion to an eighty strong membership. History, archaeology and folklore have been blended with a special social ingredient, and we have been fortunate in the quality of our visiting and indigenous lecturers.
At present the Society is a partner in the Leonardo da Vinci Guide 2000 Project. More about the Historical Society

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