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The Start of Our Journeys With Moytura
If you're travelling to Ireland, why not take a peek and see how the weather's behaving here in the West.
Come on in and rest a while - you're heartily welcome. Before we start our journey through some of my favourite places in the West of Ireland let me first explain the meaning of Moytura, my company name.
Moytura Plains was the site of the first recorded battle in Ancient Celtic Mythology almost 5,000 years ago. The battle at Moytura involved the Fir Bolg, one of the original ancient clans of Ireland, and the Tuatha De Danaan, one of the many invaders. The Fir Bolg fought a brave fight in their efforts to repel the Tuatha from invading Eireann, all to no avail. The origins of both peoples go back to the time of The Great Flood when Noah's grandchildren settled in parts of Europe (details of this period in history are available in the link pages to the places visited. All links are below)

There are two Moytura's, the one I speak of here in Cong and one near Castlebalwin in Sligo. It is debatable whether in fact the famous battle of Moytura took place up there instead of here in Cong. A very famous resident of the area was William Wilde, antiquarian and father of Oscar Wilde. He lived for much of the year in a holiday home in in this place and his home was called Moytura House. William Wilde wrote extensively about Moytura, on Celtic history and the history of this part of the county. His writings can be viewed in the library in Castlebar. But we like to reckon the first round of the battle took place here, then the boys all went home for a cup of tea before heading up to Sligo for round two!

Our history is from the mists of time and Camden, an historian and antiquarian, said of Ireland:

"From the deepest sources of antiquity, the history of the Irish is taken; so that in comparison to them, that
of other nations is but novelty and a beginning."

Moytura is near the village of Cong on the Galway/Mayo border and about 25 miles from my home. Cong was also the scene of another famous battle - that of Sean Thornton (John Wayne) and "Red" Will Donaher (Victor McLagan) in the movie 'The Quiet Man'.

Ashford CastleAncient Burial Mound in Moytura
Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo
Glebe Stone Circle at Moytura, Cong
Ashford Castle on the outskirts of Cong has over 350 acres of lovely woodland and sits on Lough Corrib, the second largest lake in Ireland. Its surrounds are glorious and its golf course is magnificent. As one of our premier hotels, it has hosted many  famous visitors, including presidents of the United States.

There are archeological treasures all around this area and ancient burial grounds, known as cairns, are to be found as mounds in many fields in Ireland. Here we find the spot reputed to be of the most famous battle in Celtic Irish history and careful examination of the photograph above shows the circular formation of the stones, also thought to be linked with the pagan Druidic religious celebrations.

Our history is surely in our stones.

But now you and I will go on a more peaceful and imaginary journey through some of my favourite spots (did I say peaceful?...... well........... just the odd battle thrown in to spice our travels a bit!).

My village is called Creig Mor meaning 'large rock'. My parish is Lackagh, with its own interesting history, and my county is Galway, situated on the wild Atlantic and the western periphery of Europe. Galway city is an exciting and vibrant place and its hinterland to the northwest is Connemara.

Connemara, with its wild and wonderful beauty, rests within the shadow of mountains and forests. It is dotted with lakes, threaded with rivers and clothed in stones. It is a mythical, mystical place, a place of suaimhneas.....peace and tranquillity.....with a serenity in its wildness which seeps into the very soul.

I am not from this place but I am of this place. My roots are further north in Counties Sligo and Monaghan but here is where I live, love, work and enjoy life. Most Celts have a longing to 'return' to their homeland and Yeats put it nicely in his poem "The Isle of Inisfree" when he wrote:

".....I will arise and go now for always , night and day,
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;

while I stand at the roadway or on the pavements grey,
I hear it in the deep heart's core....."

Journey with me now through its beauty and splendour and feel the magic that is the West of Ireland.....My Place Amongst The Stones.

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the Journey

For those who have just joined me on this page why not go to the beginning of our travels and see some of the places in The Start of Our Journey through the West of Ireland.

We journey first to my own parish of Lackagh - a small village just 12 miles from Galway with a mighty big history. Learn all about the Battle of Knockdoe - one of Ireland's bloodiest of conflicts in the 16th century.

We move on to take a quick jaunt around Galway City; and then to the heart of Connemara - with its wild and wonderful beauty.

From there we journey south into County Clare to see The Burren - a place that has lain undisturbed since the Ice-age and of immense botanical, ecological and archaeological importance.

Visit Ireland's finest early monastic heritage centre in Clonmacnoise, County Offaly; and to my favourite of all the early Christian Church locations - Clonfert, South County Galway, with its beautiful tiny 12th century Cathedral of Saint Brendan. Come with me around the grounds and see the 1000 year old Yew Walk and the Bishop's Palace.

While on the Clonfert pages, you can learn a potted history of Saint Brendan the Navigator, possibly the first European to set foot in North America in the 6th. century. And join me in the celebrations when this tiny cathedral was listed in the World Monuments Watch 2000 most endangered monuments.

Join me on my 'Famine Journey' which starts in Westport, and moves to Sligo, my Dad's County and the departure port for many of the 'Coffin Ships'. This part of my journey ends in Grosse-Île on a tiny island east of Quebec City.

On this page you will learn some of the history of our Famine Refugees from 1845 - 1849 and find the final resting place of over 6,000 of my country folk who died within sight of their first freedom in over 300 years. This is where many of the Irish roots in North America started.

Our Journey moves on to other places on that visit to Canada where we see Quebec City and some of Ontario's lovely places and then to two of Canada's famous Catholic Shrines - Saint Anne de Beaupré and to Cap-de-la-Madeleine.

Finally, join me on my pilgrimage to a peaceful haven in a war-torn country in Medugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovinia. The other areas of my Web site can be found in the drop-down box below.

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Go raith míle maith agat - thanks a million
Beannacht Dé Ort - bain taitneamh as do thuras.
 God Bless and Enjoy Your 'Journey'

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